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Guidance and Advice

Study Guide provides assistance for independent acquisition of information. You can ask for guidance and advice if the matter requires more individual attention or if you need more precise information on a specific question. Possible counseling methods include personal meetings, telephone and the network.

Academic Affairs

Among other things, Academic Affairs Services counsel and advise you on matters which are concerning right to study, financial aid for students, insurances and graduation. You will receive different kinds of documents involved in studies from Student Services for example a study certificate or a transcript of records and a degree certificate when you will graduate. We offer the sport services and the study psychologist services as well.

Student Union of Oulu UAS (OSAKO)

Student Union OSAKO promotes students’ interests in Oulu UAS. The official student card, which is also OSAKO’s membership card, is available from the student union. OSAKO offers benefits and services for its members and organizes a variety of student events throughout the year. You can contact OSAKO for support and advices in questions concerning studies and student life.

Campus Study Counsellors

Campus Study Counsellors counsel students in studying and learning at every stage of the study path. They also support students´ personal growth and development. In addition, Campus Study Counsellors offer special support for students, who are delayed in their studies or under threat of abandoning their studies.

International Services

International Services informs, guides and counsels students regarding studies and practical training abroad. We promote internationalisation of Oulu UAS and our students on our part. We are in charge of mobility cooperation agreements with partner universities, coordination of international mobility and mobility programmes as well as administer the mobility grants for students and staff of Oulu UAS.


Library offers premises, collections and services that support learning, studying and professional development. Material is available locally as well as via web services, partner libraries and interlibrary lending. Information specialists of Library offer user instruction and instruction in information seeking for groups; also personal guidance in information seeking is available.


Tutor Teacher is the nearest counsellor of his/her group. He/she supports the professional growth of the student and guides the student with drawing up the personal study plan (PSP). Head of the Degree Programme approves personal study plans and wide accreditations. Teachers guide on the matters concerning the contents and completing of courses. Teachers also guide on different studying / learning methods and on completing the course with alternative performance methods.  Additionally he or she approves single course accreditations. Contact information

IT Services

As a student at the OUAS, you can use your own laptop in the OUAS’s wireless network at the campuses. Also, you may use the software and computers provided to your use in the campuses. Moreover, you can use many of the services from home, e.g. email, workspaces in the cloud services and survey tools. You can log in to these services with your OUAS account. To get the account to your use, you have to accept the rules of IT systems use and the access right conditions. In case you have IT related issues, first look for an answer from the IT Services website; if you cannot find a solution from there, please make an IT service request


The purpose of safety activities is to direct, instruct and assist in preventing accidents and dangerous situations.