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Development Plan for Teaching Competence


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You do the development plan for yourself. You are to re-examine your current competence in relation to teacher’s competence areas and plan your professional development for the future. You are also to describe how – through which means – you plan to develop your competence.

The content and form of your development plan

  • What is essential in teacher’s work in your own field?
  • How has your thinking on professional pedagogy developed in the context of competence areas?
  • How do your principles of professional pedagogy manifest themselves when planning and carrying out your teaching and when evaluating learning and competence?
  • How will the education in your own field be developing in the coming years?
  • How do you plan to maintain and develop your competence as a professional teacher?
  • How do the development trends of your potential future work place and working community show in your competence development plan? As an option, you can also re-examine this in the context of your teaching practice

You present your development plan in a form and manner which you choose yourself and you register for it in Peppi. There are many forms which the presentation of the development plan can take: an interactive learning event, presentation by a team of students, a drama or a play, photo exhibition, oral narrative, a video, a poem, a monologue, etc. The duration with discussion is ca 30 minutes. It can also take place online. 


Student services underlines the importance of early action in sending in your diploma application. You can fill in the diploma application in Peppi before participating in the development plan presentation and you can apply for the certificate even if you do not have all your courses registered in your transcript.