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Learning Environments

There are several learning environments and electronic services which support you on your way to become a professional teacher. Here is a list of them:

Peppi is a password protected student and course credit system, which you can access with your OAMK username. You can check your progress, the current state of your studies, the credits you have accumulated, and you can print your transcript of records in Peppi. You can find several other services for students of School of Professional Teacher Education, such as Ossi -tool, registration to the teaching practice, the teaching practice contract, and the application form for the diploma. Peppi also has the Personal Study Plan tool which you can use to register for some of the optional studies. Do remember to update your contact information in Peppi!

Moodle is a learning environment offered by OUAS. It is used to support teaching and guidance in many of the groups. Moodle is closed environment which requires a OUAS password to enter. If your group uses Moodle, you will need a so called course key to enter the platform. The key will be provided by your teacher.

Adobe Connect 
AC is a video conference programme, which enables web-based studying and tutoring. Your teacher will provide you with a weblink and a time for AC sessions. In order to use AC you will need a computer with internet access and sound capabilities. AC connection works with the common web browsers, such as Firefox of Internet Explorer. The web browser may need a AC Add-in extension, which your browser usually prompts you to up-load. After you have accepted the add-in, simply continue. Please, read the instructions: How to start using AC   

Microsoft Office 365 includes your student email, which you can register by adding after the username you have been provided. It is to this email where all of the messages, information bulletins about your studies, notifications about expiring passwords and the messages sent from Moodle/Peppi will be sent. It is very important that you actively monitor this email address. If you wish, you can redirect your student emails to another email. Office 365 also has a One Drive cloud storage available which you can use to save and distribute files during your studies

Skype for Business is another tool in Office 365 used for messaging and web meetings. The programme offers quick messaging, voice and video calls, web meetings and sharing your availability status and files with your group and tutors. 

Google Apps for Education
Google Apps for Education services are also offered for you during your studies. You can access them with your OUAS user-ID. To do this you need to use the ”HAKA” -login option. This service offers you Google Drive cloud storage and Blogger blogging tool. If you are using the OAS userd ID to save your material in Google, please remember to save that material somewhere else too, since your access with the OUAS user ID is valid only during your studies. 

Important to remember
After your graduation your OUAS user ID will stop working. Remember to copy and save all the documentation and tasks you have uploaded to different platforms, such as Microsoft Office 365 cloud, Google and Moodle!


Did you forgot your password?

If you have a Finnish bank account, you can use it to get a new password.
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IT support will help you with IT problems related to your studies. In case you have IT related issues, first look for an answer from the IT Services website.