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Financial Aid for Students

Finnish students are entitled to financial aid for students (opintotuki). If you are not a Finnish citizen and have come to Finland for study purposes, the general rule is that you cannot get financial aid for students.

Financial aid for students is available to non-citizens of Finland in some cases. See more information »

If you have questions whether you are eligible for financial aid for students, please call to Kela´s customer service 020 634 2550 (Students) or 020 634 0200 (Social security when moving to or from Finland) or when calling from abroad +358 20 634 0200. The services are open Monday through Friday 9 am to 3 pm.

You can apply for financial aid for students online (only in Finnish) or by filling in the financial aid application form OT2e. If you are not a Finnish citizen, you must fill in also form OT 10e. You can print the forms from Kela´s webpage.

If you are not eligible for financial aid for students, find out if you are entitled to some of the following:

Study Grant Services

Study Grant Services of Oulu University of Applied Sciences will guide and advice students who receive financial aid for students.

Kotkantie Campus (Kotkantie 1, 90250 Oulu), F-wing, Student Services
Opening hours Mon–Fri 9–14
opintotukilautakunta#oamk.fi (korvaa # -> @) / tel. 020 611 0214

Note! Questions regarding the eligibility for financial aid for students should direct to Kela (tel. 020 634 2550 / 020 634 0200).

Financial Aid Months Are Limited

The number of financial aid months you can use for your studies is limited and depends on the extent of your degree programme and when you began your first course of higher education study. You can normally get 9 months of financial aid per academic year. The months of aid are usually September to May.

If you wish to have financial aid for summer months, you have to apply it separately. The studies planned for summer months has to be informed when applying (course, credits, start and end dates). Financial aid can be granted for summer months (June, July, August.) if you have studies at least an average of 5 credits per a financial aid month or when there is at least 18 days of studies or practical training during each applied financial aid month.

Make sure that your remaining financial aid months will last until you will graduate. More information »

If you fall ill and cannot study, you can apply for a sickness allowance and a general housing allowance. If the length of your period of illness is not known or if you know that it will be longer than two months, you should claim sickness allowance. If you are paid a sickness allowance, you can still continue your studies to a certain extent. More information »

Satisfactory Progress

In order to get financial aid, you must make satisfactory progress with your studies. You must complete

  • at least 5 credits on average for each month of financial aid and
  • at least 20 credits in each academic year.

If you receive financial aid for students, Kela and Oulu UAS Study Grant Board will check your study progress every year in October. If you have not made satisfactory progress, reply to Study Grant Board and explain the reasons for the lack of progress. You may continue to get financial aid if your progress was slowed temporarily and for an acceptable reason. The members of Study Grant Board are obliged to secrecy of all matters handled in board meetings.

If you do not reply or the reasons you provide are not accepted, your financial aid can be

  • discontinued or made
  • payable for a specified period of time only.

You may also be required to pay back financial aid, if it is discovered that your study progress has been particularly slow and if it is evident that you never intended to study at all.

More information »

Changes in Circumstances

Remember to notify Kela about changes in your circumstances. You have to notify Kela if you for example move to a new apartment, get married or start living with someone together, have a child, discontinue your studies or study abroad. More information »

Other Incomes

Other income affects the amount of months, during which you can withdraw the financial aid. The income is not checked when the aid is granted, so you must make sure not to exceed the annual income limit. Check your annual income limit »

If your income earned exceeds your annual income limit, repay financial aid by the end of the following May.

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