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T742803 Mobile Data Communications (3 cr)
Prerequisites Knowledge of C++ or Java programming are required.
Objectives Student knows the fundamental data communications terms and can distinguish the differences between those terms. Student knows the most important mobility interfaces of a hand-held device.
Student can design a software application with data communications features including transferred and formatted (XML,JSON) data handling.
Student knows how to use a software development environment to construct, test and make an installation package for an application.
Content TCP/IP. HTTP. Bluetooth. NFC. Messaging. Telephony.
Recommended optional programme components If necessary, the student advisor will recommend optional programme components for each student based on their individual study plan.
Accomplishment methods Not applicable
Execution methods Not applicable
Materials Not applicable
Literature Not applicable
Evaluation Criteria Not applicable
Assessment Frameworks Assessment framework
Further Information Type of course: compulsory inside a selected study module, otherwise optional.
Level of course: professional studies.
Teaching methods: lecture, exercises.
Links Assessment framework


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  • 01.05.2019 - 31.08.2019 (T742803-3006 | YHT19K)
  • 02.09.2019 - 31.05.2020 (T742803-3007 | YHT19S, YHT20K)
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