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Simulation laboratory for healthcare and wellbeing

Oamk SimLab covers versatile simulated learning environments which can also be used as  testing and development environments by companies and partners for the development of professional skills, healthcare technology products and wellbeing services.

Students, supported by expert lecturers and different user groups of various products, can take part in research and product development. Oamk SimLab is part of the OuluHealth Labs testing and development environment.

When you are in need of services, contact the contact people of Oamk SimLab.

We will accept your service requests and evaluate their suitability for the Oamk SimLab environment.

  1. We will organise a shared planning meeting.
  2. The customer will prepare an implementation plan.
  3. We will sign an agreement.
  4. We will implement the plan.
  5. Finally, we will evaluate the service.

The service price will be agreed upon, according to the use of the environment and the content of the service.

Oamk SimLab offers the following learning, testing and development environments and equipment:



BioSim environment offers a wide range of laboratory facilities for clinical chemistry, hematology, molecular biology and…


MedSim studios are safe, effective and diverse learning environment for medical, health and social care under and post graduate…


The OptSim environment offers equipment suitable for eye examinations, contact lens fitting, eye health examinations and…


The OralSim environment offers ten modern dental care units with equipment. The environment serves to test dental care equipment…


RadSim offers various opportunities to simulate, test and train the safe use of medical radiation, while utilising diverse…


RehaSim rehabilitation simulation environments offer a full-range learning, product testing and development environment for…


The modern equipment and software of the usability laboratory support the usability testing and observation studies of…