Good education drew to Finland

22.11.2016 :: Author: Marjo Sormunen  Photos: Marjo Sormunen

Maite Alaez-Guergue´s father encouraged her to study in Finland because of Finland´s good reputation in the field of education. Spanish Maite, 18, ended up studying Information Technology at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oulu UAS) because she dreams to be a cartoonist some day.



– My father is a teacher and he knew that I wanted to study abroad. The high quality of education in Finland is well known so he proposed that I should apply for studying in Finland.

Maite did some research on the internet and compared different universities in Finland. Finally she decided that Oulu UAS was the best option for her.

– I’d like to be a cartoonist in the future. I found out that Oulu UAS had a course in animation which was perfect for me!

Maite had to go to Germany for her entrance examination because exams were not held in Spain. But it was worth it. Now she is a first year student at the Oulu UAS – and also one of the youngests students in her class.

– Other students are very nice and helpful. I have made a lot of new friends.


Learning by doing

Maite likes to study at the Oulu UAS because teachers have great trust in students. You have to do a lot on your own but teachers are always ready to help if needed.

– Subjects are also very interesting and all the classrooms are well equipped. For example we can use Computer Labs whenever we want. Overall we learn by doing not by memorizing theory.

In the future Maite wants to work abroad. She likes to meet people from different cultures and collect new experiences.

But now she concentrates on her studies and of course on spending time with her new friends.

– We like to go out and get to know the city of Oulu – if it is not too cold! The Finns are very nice. My Finnish roommate´s grandma even made me warm socks!  I find it easy to live here because almost everybody talks English. Oulu is also very safe compared to Spain. I like it here!