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Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu :: Incoming teachers and lecturers

Incoming teachers and lecturers

Oulu University of Applied Sciences actively takes part in most of the EU programmes in the field of education as well as other exchange programmes. Teachers from further afield come usually in the framework of bilateral agreements.


We welcome exchange teachers and visiting lecturers to teach and give lectures both in our degree programmes taught in English, as well as in the degree programmes conducted in Finnish. In most cases visiting lecturers and teachers teach in English regardless of the programme's normal language of instruction.

Teacher exchanges are usually governed by either a bilateral agreement signed between Oulu University of Applied Sciences and a partner institution or by the framework of a mobility programme.

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If you wish to enquire about possibilities for a teacher exchange, please contact Marjo Pääskylä. She can help you with any questions about teacher exchange opportunities and arrangements, and provide further contacts in our departments.