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Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu :: Teacher exchange week(s)

International Teacher and Staff Exchange Weeks 

Information about possible exchange weeks in the future will be published here. Have a look at the previous weeks,,

International Teacher and Staff Exchange Week - ITSEW 2020?
Due to relocation of all our campuses during next year we unfortunately will not be able to arrange the ITSEW in 2020. 

Nevertheless, you are of course welcome to propose and agree on an individual teacher or staff exchange with our respective department or service unit.

You can send your proposal to the International Services at email and we will deliver it to the appropriate department(s) and/or service unit(s) for consideration. For faster processing, please mention the topics, contents, target department(s) (if known) and wished timetable of your visit in your message.


We welcome individual teacher exchanges throughout the year.