Available Courses, Autumn 2019

Below you can find the list of courses and available Study Paths. 

Please note that studying in Path Studies is considered to be full-time studying. If you are a customer of TE-services, notify them in advance and make sure you have their permission to start your Path Studies. Path Studies require you to be committed and active in your daily studying.

Enrolment starts at 10 am. on the first enrolment date.

Enrolment started

Education startsLast enrolment dateEnrolments
Common Studies
Social Media as a Tool in Work Communities 02.09.19 30.06.20 Available
Health and Welfare
Ergonomic Patient Handling Degree Programme in Physiotherapy07.10.19 23.09.19 Available
Professional English Communication Degree Programme in Radiography and Radiation Therapy (Radiografian ja sädehoidon tutkinto-ohjelma)14.10.19 23.09.19 Available
Developer Basic Skills Information Technology28.10.19 13.10.19 Available
Mobile Data Communications Information Technology02.09.19 01.07.20 Available
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