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Oulu University of Applied Sciences offers 30 cr web developer studies and 10 cr practical training as a supplementary training. The objective of the training is to give the participants tools to design and implement user interfaces and actions for web applications concerning both laptop and mobile devices. The training focuses on web user interface programming which is called front-end programming. Training is free of charge and will take 6 months.

To apply to these studies is via internet, application form, in 15th of April until 2nd of June 2019.

Ouas training leaflet in Finnish.
Ouas training leaflet in English


The basics of front-end programming and project management, 10 cr

The study module focuses on the basics of front-end techniques including html, css, and JavaScript. Project management covers the basics of agile methods and project management tools.

Advanced front-end programming, 10 cr

The study module covers front-end framework (e.g. Bootstrap) and JavaScript libraries (e.g. jQuery, Ajax, React) that are used in the development of web services. The study module contains also the basics of databases.

Design and implementation of a web service, 10 cr

The participants design and implement different web services using content management systems and eCommerce platforms. The study module contains also service design which is necessary to understand user experience. Additionally, the study module familiarizes the participants with rights to use digital materials, licenses and the GDPR.

To whom

The training is meant for both employed and unemployed persons who have appropriate educational background or experience in the field. The training is suitable also for immigrants. The participant must have adequate Finnish skills to be able to participate in Finnish-medium teaching and adequate English skills to utilize various study materials.

The applicant should know the basics of programming using any programming language. He/she should be eager to develop his/her knowledge in the field of web programming.


The training will begin in September 2019 and the duration is 6 months.

Implementation of the training

Study materials are mainly in English. The participants must have their own laptops. The teaching language is Finnish. The training is organized as contact teaching, but lectures are recorded for independent studying. The training contains both independent and team working.

Additional information

To get additional information about the training, you may contact the project manager.

Project manager Liisa Auer
Phone: 040 141 5338
email: liisa.auer@oamk.fi

Finance and co-operation

The training is financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture and is free of charge to the participants.

The Highway to Code trainging is with co-operation with the schools Centria University of Applied Sciences (UAS), Oulu UAS, Kajaani UAS, Vaasa UAS, Jyväskylä UAS and Turku UAS. 

Main site of the Highway to Code training. Here you can find what other UAS are offering. You can take studies also from other UAS.


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