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SIMHE path – Support and Complementary Studies for Highly Educated Immigrants in Business and Technology

SIMHE path is an ESF-project which aims to bring visible the competences of highly educated immigrants and to develop a flexible educational path to facilitate employment. By participating in SIMHE path, you can complement and update your competences and skills to meet better the requirements of Finnish working life.

SIMHE path is meant for you if you have higher education from your home country or abroad and expertise in technology or business, and you want to find a job in your own field.

SIMHE path of Oamk Oulu University of Applied Sciences is operating in Oulu Region and all Northern Finland. We offer

SIMHE path of Oamk consists of following steps and support, depending on personal needs:


How to apply

You can apply for SIMHE path by e-mail or phone. See ‘Contact us’ below. We will invite you to an interview and review your application individually. SIMHE path complementary studies and guidance are offered till the end of 2020.


SIMHE (Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education in Finland) education 5–20 ECTS

Admission: Ongoing. For Autumn 2020 please contact us before 17th August 2020. Sign up in beforehand for admission info which is held 17th August at 12-14.
Duration: According to personal plan, studies must be completed before end of 2020.
Stufying fee: Support and field-specific studies offered by Oamk are cost-free.

The field specific studies are selected from the study plan of OUAS Oulu University of Applied Sciences or CampusOnline.fi. The studies can be in Finnish or in English, depending on the course chosen. The studies can include learning in groups of Oamk graduate students or in online courses which can be studied in distance. The length of the studies is decided individually, in Autumn 2020 there are two periods: one starting in August, one in October.  

You can take part to SIMHE path if you are unemployed, but also if you are in working life or studying in another education and you need support to ensure and ease your employment to your own field. SIMHE path studies as added or combined part-time activity will be planned individually and in cooperation with the other organization in question.

The SIMHE path support and studies offered by Oamk is cost-free and financed by ESF (European Social Found). If the studies are chosen from another organization the course fees are according to that organization. 

Note that the preparatory assessments and training can take more weeks before starting the Complementary Studies according to your own personal plan, depending also on the periodical study plan of Oamk. It’s important you contact us in beforehand to have time to make the individual plan.

Note: You can take part the SIMHE path workshops and job hunt training also without taking any Complementary Studies. The requirement is that you have studied higher education in your home country or abroad and have expertise in fields of technology of business. The main target of SIMHE path is to support employment and offer complementary studies if needed.


Contact us

For further information, sign up for info and applying for SIMHE path, contact
Pirkko Kukkohovi, Project Manager
SIMHE path - Oulu University of Applied Sciences
pirkko.kukkohovi@oamk.fi tel. 040 661 3120

SIMHE path of Oamk is operating in Oulu Region and in all Northern Finland.


SIMHE path is a national ESF-project organized by Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Karelia University of Applied Sciences.



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