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Press Release: New Berry Wax Based Business Opportunities: Innovative Uses for Industrial Side Streams of Arctic Berries

WAX project flyer downloadable here.

Arctic Project Clustering Event in Skellefteå, Sweden 10 May, 2017: event slides


Taidon ääni blog: Luonnonmarjoista on moneksi - jalostusastetta voidaan vielä nostaa

The OAMK team of the WAX project is responsible for developing the business potential of arctic berry wax in different industrial contexts. Possibly the biggest market potential resides in natural cosmetics. The team conducted market research at the Vivaness Trade fair in the spring 2018. Read more here.

The WAX Project was chosen the finalist in the Arctic Award 2017 Competition and received a certificate in the category of sustainable use of resources. Read more here.

The OAMK team explored the recent trends of natural product industry in the natural cosmetics fair in Nürnberg, Germany. Read about their thoughts and experiences either in Finnish here or in English here.

Other Links

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