Study at Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Over 9 000 students, including over 350 international degree students, ensure that Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk) is a vital and innovative place to study.  We offer two Bachelor's degree programmes and four Master's degree programmes taught entirely in English. You can also carry out studies in different fields at the Open University. Or have you thought about becoming a qualified teacher? We offer teacher education in English in Oulu.



Congratulations on your new place to study!

We wish you warmly welcome to Oamk! Oamk is one of Finland’s most attractive universities of applied sciences. The Oulu region is one of the fastest growing areas in the country. With a population of 200,000, the Oulu region is a major centre of innovative high tech industries, academia, science, services and culture. Welcome to Oulu and Oamk!

Coronavirus and contingency at Oamk (updated 1.7.)

Autumn semester begins mainly with distance education at Oamk. We are constantly updating information about the coronavirus and our guidelines for preparedness.


Oulu, the most bicycle-friendly city in Finland

Riding a bike is a very common and popular way of transportation in Oulu. In fact, almost everyone in Oulu owns a bike and Oulu is one of Finland's best cities for cycling. Locals and especially students tend to cycle all year round. Nature is wonderfully present in Oulu no matter where you go. You can spend the day on the beach, have a picnic or a stroll in one of the parks or even go fishing to Oulu river which crosses the city center on numerous locations.

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Brand new campus awaits you!

Oulu University of Applied Sciences, apart from Social and Health Care, moves to a joint campus in Linnanmaa together with the University of Oulu in summer 2020. This is an exciting new chapter for Oamk that brings with it new facilities, possibilities and innovations. At the new Linnanmaa Campus, students and staff have the most modern and innovative campus to support the studies. The campus includes several restaurants, cafeterias and libraries, computer equipment and free WiFi. By choosing Oamk you will be studying at the most modern campus in Europe.

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News and events

26.06.20 - News from Oulu UAS

Autumn semester begins mainly with distance education and working at Oamk

The first period of Oamk's autumn semester will be mostly held remotely. The first period is between 24.8.–25.10.2020. On-campus teaching is fully organized only for the new first year students. First new students begin their studies on 17 August. Other students (including incoming exchange stud...
22.06.20 - International Services Informs

Oulu University of Applied Sciences’ guidelines for incoming exchange students in autumn 2020

Read the latest news: The first period of Oamk's autumn semester will be mostly held remotely (26.6.) 17.6.2020 At the moment, Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk) is planning the start of the academic year 2020-21 in a normal schedule and we are looking forward to welcoming incoming exchang...
08.05.20 - Open University of Applied Sciences

Autumn semester’s Open UAS studies free of charge for those unemployed and laid off

Oulu University of Applied Sciences offers laid-off and unemployed people the opportunity to study Open University Studies free of charge in the autumn semester 2020. The free fee also applies to study modules and path studies beginning in the autumn. Prove your eligibility for free of charge studie...