Oamk organizes everything possible remotely

Published: 1 December 2020 at 16:21 :: News from Oamk

Coronavirus situation in Northern Ostrobothnia has moved to the worst phase, the spreading phase. Oamk will organize all its possible activities remotely starting from 2 Dec, so that the situation wouldn’t get any worse.

Only studies where distance teaching is not possible will be arranged on campuses in as small groups as possible. Schools are in charge of and will inform about the arrangements.

Also, exams are recommended to be held remotely or to use alternative ways so that there would not be delays in studies for students graduating in December.

Update 1.12. at 16.47: Students of Oamk who are doing practical training in companies, follow each companies’ guidelines. Oamk can’t decide and inform on that matter.

Oamk’s employees continue working remotely as widely as possible. Also, all meetings are held online.

We require using a face mask on all campuses. We have also forwarded a request to restaurants on campuses to take care of the use of face masks and the preservation of safety distances on the premises of restaurants.

Our campuses stay open for now but we are following the situation and react when necessary.

Coronavirus situation tries our patience. We thank our staff and our students for being able to flex in this challenging situation!

A woman wearing a face mask.