Coronavirus situation returned to the base level, easing to recommendation on the use of face mask

Published: 22 September 2021 at 16:24 :: News from Oamk

Coronavirus situation throughout Northern Ostrobothnia has returned to the base level. Therefore, the recommendation on using face masks at the base level can be followed. 

Use of face masks at the base level for over 12 years old

  • On public transport.
  • Persons on their way to be tested for the coronavirus, and before the results of the test are available, if there is an urgent need to be outside of the home.
  • Travellers arriving in Finland from high-risk areas as they move from their entry point to a place of quarantine or if they have an urgent reason to move outside their home during the quarantine period.
  • All employees, customers and visitors in the health and social care offices
  • High-risk events, such as indoor mass events

Oamk follows the instructions given by the authorities. During the base level face mask recommendation, you can stay on Oamk campuses without a face mask also in class rooms. However, it is recommended to wear a face mask in situations where is not possible to maintain 1 meter safety distance. Regional State Administrative Agency has confirmed that it is not necessary to wear a FFP2 level face mask in teaching situations. Restrictions on gatherings do not apply to teaching situations. However, it is still important to follow good hand and coughing hygiene instructions and keep safe distances. And if you want to, you can still wear a face mask. (This paragraph has been updated 23.9.)

Remote work is still recommended for staff if work tasks allow it. 

Our students and employees attended actively in the walk-in vaccinations in our campuses. Thank you for that!