Remote teaching in Oamk continues until 13 March

Published: 11 January 2022 at 11:45 :: News from Oamk

Due to the worrying coronavirus situation in Northern Ostrobothnia, remote teaching continues in Oamk until 13 March and we follow these instructions:

  • teaching is arranged remotely
  • only teaching that can’t be organized remotely will be realized as contact teaching
  • the orientation for new students can be arranged face-to-face
  • using a mask is required when you are in campuses
  • do not come to the campuses if you feel even slightly unwell
  • take care of good hand hygiene and maintain a safe distance to other people
  • our staff is working remotely if that is possible

Oamk's campuses are open. Masks must be used on campuses and it is important to follow good hand hygiene and maintain a safe distance. 

With these restriction decisions, we want to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and its variants, because the Omicron variant transmits easily. Although vaccines do not fully protect against the Omicron in particular, they are worth taking, as they still protect very well from serious forms of the disease. Vaccinations are available for staff through occupational health care. 

If there are no new variants, March looks brighter what comes to restrictions. We will tell you more if the situation changes in one direction or another.