Oamk has updated guidelines concerning the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak

Published: 12 March 2020 at 21:48 :: News from Oamk

In all Oamk’s activities the physical distance between people is recommended to be increased. Online lectures and distance learning opportunities will be increased. If a student has flu symptoms, he/she must not come to the campus or attend a general lecture, other teaching situation or exam session.

Oamk will not organize big seminars or events until the end of May. If necessary, the organizer of the event makes a cancellation decision based on an event-specific risk assessment, taking into account the acute infectious situation, the nature of the event, the number of participants and the venue. It is recommended to use remote connections for organizing seminars and events. The Regional State Administrative Agency has informed that it will ban events of over 500 people.

For the time being, we do not receive visitors from abroad.  

If remote work is possible, it is recommended to do so. It is recommended that all internal meetings take the form of online meetings. An employee with flu symptoms is not allowed to come to campuses. The necessary remote working practices for these situations should be agreed with the superior.

Employees should avoid any travel. In case of essential duty travel, the employee, together with the superior, makes a decision to travel based on a risk assessment.

Students abroad in student exchange can return to Finland if they wish. Oamk will reimburse the necessary travel costs to the student. When returning from abroad, one should wait 14 days before entering campuses.

The implementation of the admission tests is planned in cooperation between the universities of applied sciences.

The standby team of corona at Oamk follows the situation and updates the instructions when the situation and authorities’ regulations change.