Instructions for the students of Professional Teacher Education (18.3., updated 13.5.)

Published: 16 March 2020 at 16:02 :: News from Oamk

The Oulu University of applied sciences (Oamk) has moved completely to distance learning and closed off its campus until 13th of May. Therefore, the School of Professional Teacher Education (Amok) personnel will also work remotely, according to the instructions of Oamk.  Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

The new starting study groups
The teaching of the new AMOK study groups, starting next May and June, will be carried out as distance (online) learning, instead of classroom teaching. The beginning study groups affected by the change to distance learning include:
- Multiform Studies in Rovaniemi (startup days 7.-8.5.2020)
- Contact Studies in Oulu, starting in summer (startup days 2.-3.6.2020)
- Evening online studies, starting in summer (startup days 2.-4.6.2020)

The study groups in the autumn will start teaching as planned in the classroom. The autumn startup webinars are scheduled online in May-June as planned. The tutors in each study group will give more detailed instructions on how to start the studies before the first actual meeting of the study group.

Special teacher education will begin in the autumn. The tutors of special education will give more detailed instructions on starting the studies before the beginning of the new academic year (1.6.).

Curriculum for the academic year 2020-2021
Updated Curricula for Vocational Teacher and Special Teacher Education will be published by June the 1st 2020, at Student Instructions at Currently, the site displays the curriculum for the current school year, valid through May 31, 2020.

Teaching practice
During the teacher practice, students must follow the guidelines of the internship schools concerning classroom teaching.  If it is possible to continue the practice or implement it remotely, then it would be a good idea to record the teaching for the demonstration and assessment of your skills.  Recordings can be shared on cloud services, such as 

If you haven't started your teaching practice yet, it would be best postpone it till later. Meanwhile, you can pursue other studies.

Other studies
For the time being, the courses announced as contact lessons will be implemented as distance learning. The Amok optional studies contain self-regulated studies, which are convenient to do independently from home. Check out the course descriptions at and

Development plan for teaching competence
For now, these events are all online. More detailed guidance will come from the teacher in charge of the development plan seminar, closer to the time of the event. Instructions for preparing for a development plan and dates for the spring events can be found on our website

Study certificates, transcripts
You can receive electronically signed documents (such as the study certificate or transcript of records) under the "ORDERS" heading in Peppi's top menu around the clock. The documents are immediately available to you. You can forward them electronically or print them. Instructions for obtaining an electronic document » (in Finnish)

Normally, certificates are prepared on a weekly basis, but due to the exceptional circumstances, delays in the preparation of certificates are to be expected. Usually the certificates will be prepared after the Development plan seminars. It is a good idea to apply for the certificate in Peppi in advance. This you can do even though all of your studies have not yet been registered with Peppi.


Your tutor will provide guidance via email or phone or online.

 If you need support and guidance for your studies, please contact your tutor or student services (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 020 611 0220). The list of Amok’s personnel is here (in Finnish):

 You can follow the announcement of the Oulu University of applied sciences:

Have patience with distance learning!