Student, pick up your belongings from campuses today

Published: 17 March 2020 at 10:11 :: News from Oamk

Oamk’s campuses will close on Wednesday 18 March in accordance with the guidelines of the Government of Finland. Students must fetch the belongings and equipment they have on campuses during today (Tuesday 17 March). Campuses will be inaccessible as of tomorrow. Campuses will remain closed 18 March – 13 April.

Teaching and guidance will be arranged as far as possible by alternative methods, by utilising e.g. distance learning, various digital learning platforms and solutions and as self-study, if needed.

Staff will have access to campuses with their access control passes. Notice! Oamk follows the instructions of authorities according to which all meetings and public events of more than 10 persons are forbidden during 18 March – 13 April.

According to the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture closure of premises does not apply to the premises that are used for research, development and innovation activities, especially in critical research fields. We are constantly clarifying the effects on our RDI activities and we will inform more of them later today.

We are also sorting out how students’ dining can be arranged in the exceptional circumstances. Whether it will be possible to provide take away meals etc.

The risk of coronavirus infection has increased throughout Europe and around the world. It is likely that in near future also in Finland there will be infections where the contraction chains cannot be traced anymore and the risk for an infection in educational establishments increases. On the other hand, at the same time the risk for infection increases everywhere in the society, in neighbourhoods, workplaces and in means of transportation.

Oamk will updated its guidelines when the coronavirus situation and authorities’ instructions change. The next bulletin will be given later today. 

Please follow our compiled instructions at 

We wish a positive spirit to everyone!