More detailed regulations for working in Oulu University of Applied Sciences’ premises during exceptional circumstances 18 March – 13 April 2020 (updated 7.4.)

Published: 18 March 2020 at 09:51 :: News from Oamk

On March 16, 2002, Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk) informed on about the closure campuses and moving entirely to distance studying, as decided by the Government. The closure of the premises will take effect on Wednesday 18 March 2020 and is valid until 13 April 2020. According to previous instructions, Oamk is now engaged in teleworking in all situations where it is possible with reasonable effort. Working on Oamk premises for important research, development and innovation tasks is permitted in situations where the tasks cannot be performed remotely. In addition, broadcasting a remote lecture from your own workstation or lecture hall is technically sound and safe in terms of tools and network connections, bearing in mind the points mentioned below. 

Oamk will issue the following specific regulations regarding working on the premises. Each person working on the premises is responsible for strict compliance with these regulations. Any person who is in breach of these provisions shall immediately inform the person concerned and his or her own superior, who shall contact the director of the school. Any person who fails to comply will be removed from the premises and his permit to access the premises will be revoked

  • Tasks or parts of tasks that can be performed remotely must not be performed on campus premises.
  • Under no circumstances should you enter the premises even with a mild cold, even for a short period.
  • Upon entry, each person must log in with his/her personal identification (electric key / ID card) to open the door. When exiting, no one should be let in. Everyone must enter with their own personal identification passes.
  • When a door is opened, only one person at a time may enter.
  • The distance between persons must always be at least three meters.
  • Everyone must ensure regular and careful hand hygiene.
  • All meetings are organised as web meetings.
  • Meetings and gatherings are limited to ten people. This also applies to coffee and break rooms.
  • Coffee and break rooms are open, but unnecessary presence in them and in corridors is prohibited.
  • Service and support functions will be performed remotely, as previously instructed. Tasks that are essential for carrying out important research, development, innovation and distance learning activities can be performed at Oamk premises

The regulations are effective immediately and apply to every person on the premises.

Oamk’s instructions related to coronavirus have been compiled on one page: