Student, you are taken care of

Published: 24 April 2020 at 12:16 :: News from Oamk

The coronavirus pandemic challenges every one of us. Here is useful information so that you can study as well as possible despite the situation.

Please remember to check on Oiva, Moodle, email and schedules how teaching and guidance of your course will be arranged. Check also the webpage Coronavirus and contingency at Oamk.

Kela’s financial aid payments continue as normal

Read Kela’s information on how corona affects student benefits. You will find information about financial aid payments, financial aid payments even if you do not earn enough credits and if you’re about to reach the maximum eligibility limit for student financial aid, for example.

Take away student meals

You can buy take away student meals from Restaurant Kantakortteli and Uniresta's Restaurant Vanilla. Uniresta's food van carries student meals to certain areas in Oulu.

Summer studies available

You can find information about summer studies and CampusOnline courses on Study Guide.

Support for well-being

Nyyti ry promotes students’ mental health. Read more information about Nyyti’s chats.

Campus Study Counsellors are there for you

If you have questions, contact your campus study counsellor or ask your question in campus study counsellors’ chat which is open until 29 May.

You will make it! – #trustyourself