Exam rooms open on 14 May – otherwise campuses remain closed (updated 22.5.)

Published: 11 May 2020 at 11:19 :: News from Oamk

22.5. added information: Exam room on Kotkantie campus is open on certain Saturdays.

Restrictions due to coronavirus have been effective, and we are gradually getting back towards more normal everyday life.

We follow the guidelines of the Government of Finland, and we do not open our campuses. We continue distance learning for the rest of spring.

However, we open part of the electronic examination rooms on 14 May so that our students can take the necessary exams. Examination rooms can be reserved now.

Exam rooms on campuses:

  • Kotkantie campus, 2 Exam room computers, normal open hours until 12 June, 15.–26.6. open hours 8–16
    • Kotkantie campus's Exam room is also open on the following Saturdays: 30.5., 6.6. and 13.6. between 9–16
  • Kontinkangas campus, 7 Exam room computers, open until 30 June

At the moment, Exam rooms at Oulainen campus cannot be opened.

Examination rooms are cleaned every morning before they are opened. The rooms also have hand sanitizer and cleaning cloths for the computer keyboard and mouse. Each user must remember to carefully clean the computer before and after use.

The student must keep at least 2 meters safe distance to others and take care of hand hygiene. If the student suspects coronavirus infection or exposure to the infection, it is forbidden to use Exam room.

The rooms are open the same time as they were before. The student can enter the campus by contacting the janitor whose phone number can be found on the campus's main door. The janitors are at Kotkantie campus from 8 to 20 p.m. and at Kontinkangas campus from 8 to 6 p.m. The student coming to the Kotkantie Campus receives a key to the Exam room from the janitor.

The electronic exam service for other higher education students is limited to one computer. In the Exam reservation system of Kontinkangas campus, there is one separate Exam room named Oamk/tenttivierailu. The students of Oamk can reserve this room as well.

Remember to enjoy the lift of restrictions and the coming summer. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.