Autumn starts with a hybrid model – updated coronavirus instructions

Published: 14 August 2020 at 16:31 :: News from Oamk

Oamk has updated its coronavirus instructions regarding teaching and working. The directives and recommendations of the authorities have been taken into consideration in these instructions. We are constantly monitoring the situation and are ready to react when necessary.

First year students’ teaching will be realised as contact teaching if it can be arranged with at least one metre safety distances. If the safety distances cannot be observed, also teaching of the first year students will be arranged remotely. The induction week will be arranged mainly in contact teaching by observing the safety distances.

Studies where distance education is not possible (e.g. laboratory work) will be arranged on campuses. If observing safety distances is not possible in these situations, the teacher will hand out disposable masks to the students. Otherwise Oamk will not distribute masks to the students, but recommends their usage. Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has given instructions for the correct usage of masks.

For students who are continuing their studies, the instructions according to which the teaching of the first period, i.e. 24 Aug – 25 Oct, will be arranged mainly remotely, is still valid. Continuing students study on campuses only in such necessary cases where distance teaching is not possible. Schools will decide on the delivery of teaching and will inform their students and staff about it.

Those belonging to high-risk groups will consult the student health care about their situation and will agree on the arrangements with the head of the degree programme and tutor teacher.

We recommend that students take THL’s Koronavilkku contact tracing app into use when it has launched as of the 31 August. The app will assist in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

Hand disinfectant is available on our campuses and our premises are also under intensified cleaning. Let’s all take care of the safety of ourselves and others by following the safety and hygiene instructions.

Thank you for bearing your responsibility for our higher education community!