Oamk starts a new Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering focusing on Sustainability

Published: 10 October 2022 at 09:50 :: Press Releases

Mechanical Engineering plays a crucial role in both energy production and its consumption. It also enables more efficient use of raw materials. The degree programme in Sustainable Product Development builds a more sustainable future with Mechanical Engineering.

Oulu University of Applied Sciences introduces a new degree programme in Mechanical Engineering (BEng) focused on Sustainable Product Development. The programme educates multi-skilled professionals with a sustainable way of thinking.

Dr. Ville Isoherranen, Director of School of Engineering and Natural Resources, states that Mechanical Engineering has a great deal to offer for transformation towards sustainability in various parts of the product development cycle, e.g. from design utilizing light weight structures and usage of new biobased materials to adaption of low carbon manufacturing technologies.

–  Engineering is all about service to the society, changing the world for better by new technologies. We welcome international students to join this degree programme to learn the latest developments and applications in Mechanical Engineering, Isoherranen concludes.

The degree programme includes studies in developing smart and sustainable products and services, modern engineering software and digital prototyping. Ms. Annukka Tyni, Head of Degree Programme, states that the studies have a strong connection to working life.

– Students have the opportunity to work with real-world challenges, development projects and workshops carried out together with local industry.

Sustainable Product Development (BEng) is a four-year bachelor’s degree programme, 240 ECTS credits in total. The application periods are in October 2022 and January 2023. The degree programme starts in August 2023.

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