Coronavirus and contingency at Oamk (updated 15.11.)

Oamk’s operations have returned to campuses and teaching can be organized on-campus and remotely. 

Please remember:

  • take care of good hand and coughing hygiene
  • maintain a safe distance to other people
  • do not come to the campus if you feel even slightly unwell
  • take coronavirus vaccines

Oamk follows the coronavirus situation and in contingency planning for the coronavirus the instructions and recommendations of the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL) and other authorities. We are updating this page with information about the coronavirus and Oamk´s guidelines for preparedness.

What to do if you suspect a coronavirus infection?

More information on the following websites: the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and City of Oulu.


Student, please check from the Moodle, school e-mail and schedules how the lectures and tutoring is organised in your courses.


Read the instructions.

Student lunches

On Kela’s website you can check the student restaurants and on restaurant’s webpages you can check its opening hours.

International mobility 

Incoming exchange students 

Oamk is currently offering a hybrid teaching model including on-site and online learning activities depending on the edcuational field. The availability of practical training at/via Oamk may be limited or conditional depending on the Covid-19 situation and resources of third parties.

Physical presence at Oamk is required for the entire mobility duration, as documented in Oamk’s exchange study programmes. Virtual mobilities are only possible as part of separately offered blended mobilities. Incoming students must bring a laptop with them to enable their participation in studies.

Incoming students are responsible for checking the Covid-19 guidelines of the authorities from their home country, countries of passage and Finland. Oamk is following the guidelines of the Finnish national and local authorities. These are being updated continually. The latest information can be obtained from Oamk’s study guide in the sections on travelling and arriving, insurance and health care.

Outgoing exchange students  

Oamk’s students may go abroad for an exchange. Outgoing students are responsible for checking the Covid-19 guidelines of the local authorities. Also, the host institution updates their own Covid-19 restrictions thus informing students on their particular guidelines. Students are recommended to take out a comprehensive insurance policy and possibly avoid going to certain countries. This may concern for example the countries in which the virus spreads actively or the incidence of Covid-19 is significantly higher than in Finland. More information on outgoing student exchange.

Incoming and outgoing staff and teacher exchange

The Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted and it is possible from Oamk to travel abroad and Oamk can receive guests from abroad. Those going abroad from Oamk must follow the destination country's travel guidelines and official instructions. Those coming to Oamk must follow the instructions of the Finnish authorities.

International Mobility Services

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Oamk follows the given instructions on organizing events.

Entrance examinations

Oamk will inform about organising entrance examinations nearer to entrance examination dates.


Travelling to Oamk and from Oamk to abroad is possible when it is needed and by following the COVID-19 hygiene and travelling guidelines of the local authorities. Read more on THL's website: Travel and the coronavirus pandemic.


Please, come to campus only when you are healthy (6.9.2022)

Teaching can be organized on-campus and remotely (10.8.2022)

Face mask recommendation ends in Oamk (13.4.2022)

Remember to follow health safety instructions on campus (17.3.2022)

We are returning to campuses on 14 March – Welcome! (2.3.2022)

Oamk’s operations is returning to campuses starting from 14 March (14.2.2022)

Walk-in coronavirus vaccination for students in Linnanmaa from 22 to 24 February (11.2.2022)

Remote teaching in Oamk continues until the third period ends on 13 March (25.1.2022)

Remote teaching in Oamk continues until 13 March (11.1.2022)

Distance education in Oamk until 30 January (3.1.2022)

Oamk obliges to use a face mask in the interiors of the campuses (15.12.2021)

Newest coronavirus recommendations will not affect Oamk’s activities — responsible action is still important (1.12.2021)

Wear a face mask on campus if it is not possible to keep the safety distance (22.11.2021)

Mask recommendations have been updated (11.11.2021)

Coronavirus situation returned to the base level, easing to recommendation on the use of face mask (22.9.2021)

Walk-in line for coronavirus vaccination for the students and staff at Linnanmaa campus 14.–17.9. (14.9.2021)

Walk-in line for coronavirus vaccination for the students at Linnanmaa campus in week 37 (7.9.2021)

Remember to wear a face mask on campuses (31.8.2021)

Let’s begin this new academic year safely together (23.8.2021)

Teaching is arranged either remotely or on campus, depending on pedagogical needs – please remember COVID-19 vaccination (12.8.2021)

Oamk will continue studies with a hybrid model  - remember COVID-19 vaccination (5.8.2021)

Updated face mask recommendations during the calm coronavirus situation (16.6.2021)

We will return to campuses as soon as it's safe (27.4.2021)

Lockdown will not affect Oamk’s activities (2.3.2021)

Spring is coming despite of the coronavirus (5.2.2021)

Keep a safe distance of over two metres (22.1.2021)

Student, we are here for you – do not hesitate to contact us (18.1.2021)

Campuses are open, teaching is mainly remotely (11.1.2021)

10-day quarantine for those who have have been abroad (17.12.2020)

Are you going abroad during Christmas season? Remember to follow self-quarantine recommendations (9.12.2020)

Oamk organizes everything possible remotely (1.12.2020)

Oamk updates its coronavirus instructions on 1 Dec (30.11.2020)

Your actions matter – help us to keep the campuses open (26.11.2020)

Let’s keep the campuses open by acting responsibly (20.11.2020)

Visits from abroad to Oamk (18.11.2020)

Perseverance against coronavirus is still needed (12.11.2020)

Oamk continues with a hybrid model until 31 May 2021 (30.10.2020)

Oamk recommends wearing face masks on campuses (19.10.2020)

Number of new COVID-19 cases has increased, remember to be responsible (12.10.2020)

UAS rectors and student unions appeal to students to stop the spread of coronavirus (7.10.2020)

Remember to keep safety distance and use face mask if necessary (25.9.2020)

Student exchange in Oamk during coronavirus pandemic (17.9.2020)

Oamk continues with a hybrid model (9.9.2020)

Campuses are open for independent study – follow safety and hygiene instructions (26.8.2020)

All possible teaching will be arranged remotely (21.8.2020)

Autumn starts with a hybrid model – updated coronavirus instructions (14.8.2020)

Autumn semester begins mainly with distance education and working at Oamk (26.6.2020)

Oulu University of Applied Sciences’ guidelines for incoming exchange students in autumn 2020 (22.6., updated 29.6.2020)

Returning to contact teaching and working for autumn will be decided on 26 June (12.6.2020)

Uniresta’s food van service – student meals-on-wheels operates three days a week in June (28.5.2020)

Exam rooms open on 14 May – otherwise campuses remain closed (11.5., updated 22.5.2020)

Universities are still closed until 13 May (30.4.2020)

Campuses are still closed – graduation ceremony on Zoom (16.4.2020)

Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences will organise their entrance examinations online (9.4.2020)

Electronic exams cancelled (31.3.2020)

Oulu Evangelical Lutheran Parish Union: We will be there to support you during your distance learning and working hours (published 16.3., added to page 19.3.2020)

Arene: Changes in the student admission process, but selections made despite coronavirus (published 17.3., added to page 18.3.2020)

More detailed regulations for working in Oulu University of Applied Sciences’ premises during exceptional circumstances 18 March – 13 April 2020 (18.3., updated 7.4.2020)

Oamk´s campuses are closing down, activities will continue (17.3., updated 3.4.2020) 

Instructions regarding the coronavirus situation for exchange students currently at Oamk (17.3.2020)

Student, pick up your belongings from campuses today (17.3.2020)

Oamk will close campuses as of 18 March (16.3.2020)

Distance education support available for teachers, campuses are open and Exam rooms in use (16.3.2020)

Student, check out tomorrow´s teaching arrangements (15.3.2020)

Oamk is updating its guidelines for securing teaching (15.3.2020) 

Oamk is safeguarding progress of studies by increasing distance teaching (13.3.2020)

Oamk has updated guidelines concerning the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak  (12.3.2020)

Instructions due to coronavirus situation for Oamk students currently on or planning for exchange in spring 2020 (12.3.2020)

Coronavirus and contingency at Oamk - current issues  (4.3., last updated 12.3.2020) 

Instructions for students

Kela's social assistance for foreign students in the coronavirus situation (22.6.2020)

Student, you are taken care of (24.4.2020)

Support to students of Oamk (7.4.2020)

Students of Kotkantie and Teuvo Pakkalan Katu campuses: Campuses closed until 13 May – Please fetch your belongings and return keys (2.4., updated 3.4.2020)

Campus Study Counsellors’ Chat is open! (30.3.2020)

Greetings from Campus Study Counsellors! (25.3., added to page 30.3.2020)

OSAKO: 7 tips for studying at home (25.3.2020)

Appointments available to Study Psychologist´s Counselling (24.3.2020)

Instructions for the students of Professional Teacher Education (18.3., updated 3.4.2020)

Instructions for Business students (last updated 15.3. 7.11 pm)

Instructions for Information Technology students (last updated 16.3. 2.19 pm)


Library to open in phases on 1 June (13.5.2020)

Health and Social Care Library accepts returns from Tuesday 21.4. onwards (20.4.2020)

Library services during the COVID-19 situation (2.4.2020)

Additions to the supply of e-resources – publishers are unlocking their resources (26.3.2020)

Students and staff can borrow essential library books starting from 25.3. (25.3.2020)

ICT Service News

VPN for students (16.4.2020)

Oamk's Moodle and the online meeting tools: performance issues may occur during growing user loads

Information about restaurants in Oamk

Compass Group: Updated guidelines for our restaurants (23.3.2020)

Compass Group: Restaurant services at Oamk during the coronavirus situation (16.3.2020)

Compass Group: How is coronavirus taken in consideration in the restaurant? (13.3.2020)

What to do if you suspect a coronavirus infection?

Symptoms of the novel coronavirus infection are similar to those of ordinary respiratory infections and influenza, such as fever, cough, muscle aches and shortness of breath. More information on the following websites: the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and City of Oulu

Further information elsewhere on the Internet