Coronavirus and contingency at Oamk


Oamk’s campuses closed on Wednesday 18 March in accordance with the guidelines of the Government of Finland. Students will not have access to the campuses. Campuses will remain closed during the rest of this spring.  Closing of campuses does not mean ending of activities. Work will continue according to the teaching plans. Realisation methods vary from the ordinary in this exceptional situation. Teaching and guidance will be carried out as far as possible by alternative methods, among others by utilising distance learning, various digital learning platforms and solutions and self-study if needed.

Oamk follows the coronavirus situation and in contingency planning for the coronavirus the instructions and recommendations of the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL) and other authorities. We are updating this page with information about the coronavirus and Oamk´s guidelines for preparedness. 

Lectures and practical training

Student, please check from the Moodle, school e-mail and Schedules how the lectures and tutoring is organised in your courses. With remote teaching we aim at safeguarding progress of studies and safety of students and staff. Staff has been asked to work remotely as far as possible. 

Every unit of Oamk will give its own guidelines and instruct their students regarding their practical training.

Student services and admission services desks are closed – digital services and other contact possibilities available as usual. Study councelling will be carried out remotely (e.g. through AC, telephone and email).

You do not have to return books immediately and no late fees will accumulate during the library closure. The customer can renew his/her loans in Finna or ask for a renewal by email/chat/telephone. Students and staff can borrow essential library books starting from 25.3. Read more: library to open in phases on 1 June and library services during the COVID-19 situation.


Exam rooms open on 14 May. Read the specific instructions.

Student lunches

On Kela’s website you can check the student restaurants and on restaurant’s webpages you can check its opening hours.

Out of Fazer Amica restaurants at least the Restaurant Kantakortteli (Albertinkatu 16, inner courtyard of Terveystalo) in downtown Oulu sells students take away meals.

Uniresta's Restaurant Vanilla in downtown Oulu (Torikatu 34-40) will be open Mon – Fri 10 – 14 and it will sell student-priced take away meals in line with Kela’s new instructions. 

Uniresta's food van service runs a route through Linnanmaa – Alppila – Tuira – Raksila on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in June.  You can buy student-priced lunches (2.60 euro) from the Uniresta van by showing your valid student card. Unlike under normal circumstances, you can buy lunch for two days at the same time. 

According to the current information, the following restaurants are closed: Juvenes Foodoo restaurant on Linnanmaa Campus, Uniresta’s Restaurant Kastari on Linnanmaa Campus and Restaurant Medisiina in the University of Oulu Kontinkangas Campus.

Student exchange

29.5. update:

Students who are abroad in student exchange can return to Finland if they wish. Oamk will reimburse the necessary travel costs that the grant, airline, insurance companies or the exchange programme will not cover to the student. Students have received instructions for filing the application for reimbursement. When returning from abroad one should stay for 14 days at home in quarantine like circumstances.

Incoming exchange students in Finland can stay in Finland or return home according to their own discretion and continue their studies remotely from home.

All studies in the spring term 2020 have been transferred to distance education as far as possible. Students will receive further instructions on attending remote studies from the teacher(s) responsible for the course(s).

22.5. update:

Outgoing student mobility

Preparations for outgoing student and trainee mobilities for autumn 2020 continue and the aim is to implement them as far as possible taking into consideration the current health, hygiene and travel restrictions and recommendations given by authorities as well as those of the sending and receiving organisations.

If needed, student and trainee mobilities can be started also as virtual studies or working remotely.

For further information on outgoing student mobility, please see the online study guide.

Incoming student mobility

Preparations for incoming student and trainee mobilities for autumn 2020 continue and the aim is to implement them as far as possible taking into consideration current health, hygiene and travel restrictions and recommendations given by authorities as well as those of the sending and receiving organisations.

Also the processing situation of residence permit applications has to be taken into consideration for those students who need a residence permit for Finland. Currently (20 May) the Finnish Immigration Service Migri does not handle, nor accept residence permit applications. Thus students who need a residence permit should take into consideration starting their studies at Oamk remotely and come to Oulu later as soon as it is possible.

For further instructions for incoming students, please see


Oamk will not arrange any seminars or events until the end of July.

Entrance examinations of this spring

The entrance examinations for the English degree programmes are not held on the campuses on April 1.–3. Instead of campus exams, Finnish universities of applied sciences are finding the alternative solutions e.g. student selection based on Finnish upper secondary school diplomas or separate assignments as a part of the admission process. We will inform the changes at our website as soon as possible and all applicants invited to entrance examination in Oulu will be notified by email to the email address given in the online application.

The universities of applied sciences have, in view of the pandemic situation, decided that the second joint AMK entrance examinations this spring will be organised online. The entrance examinations will be organised sometime in early June, at a date to be announced later.


Employees' and students' health, staff members and students of Oamk may not travel domestic or abroad. Employees and students returning from abroad are required to work/study remotely from home for a period of 14 days from their return. Oamk does not accept visitors, nor exchange teachers, students or staff members from abroad.


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Information about restaurants in Oamk

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What to do if you suspect a coronavirus infection?

Symptoms of the novel coronavirus infection are similar to those of ordinary respiratory infections and influenza, such as fever, cough, muscle aches and shortness of breath. If these kinds of symptoms occur within 14 days of leaving the epidemic area, or the person has been in close contact with a person who has contracted a coronavirus, you should stay at home and contact the local hospital or health care centre by telephone to receive instructions on how to seek medical assistance.

  • In Oulu: Oulu University Hospital’s Emergency Department, tel. 08 – 315 2655, open around the clock
  • In Oulainen: on weekdays at 8 – 16 the Emergency Department of Oulainen Health Care Centre, tel. 08 – 479 3401, and at other times the Oulaskangas Emergency Department, tel. 08 – 315 7840

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