Alumni Association 

The Alumni Association of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences, founded in 2004, is a registered association for students who have graduated from the Oulu University of Applied Sciences or who work there.

The Alumni Association aims to bring together the expert knowledge possessed by the Oulu UAS alumni with regard to working life needs and requirements. We put this information forward to the University of Applied Sciences in order to ensure that education is developed in the right direction. For example, we participate in education development committees and visit Oulu UAS courses. Our aim is to ensure that Oulu UAS is recognised as a high-quality educational institution.

We also promote contacts among the alumni by organising regular events and get-togethers. We cooperate closely with Oulu UAS and its Student Union (OSAKO) as well as various working life stakeholder

We need your expertise! 

By joining the Alumni Association, you will get a chance to participate in the events organised by the association and network with alumni from various fields.

As a member, you will receive a monthly alumni newsletter in your e-mail, Oulu UAS's stakeholder magazine Aito, approximately once a month, and topical information on extension and further education offered by Oulu UAS. Membership is free.

Join us in networking and developing education at Oulu UAS!

Further information on our activities is available from alumni coordinator, or tel. +358 40 575 2434.

Current issues

Would you like to visit Oulu UAS and talk to the students about your career path? You don't have to be the best speaker in the world: the most important thing is that you share your story and offer students an example of how they can find a career. If you're interested, please contact the alumni coordinator

Alumnus of the year

The Alumni Association and Oulu UAS choose yearly a graduate, who has built the positive image of the Oulu UAS with his/her actions. The choice makes Oulu UAS better-known as a high-level educator and the association more familiar with the public. The alumnus of the year is a representative duty, so for the next year he/she will be invited as a guest of honour to Oulu UAS's events. He/she can take part in recruiting the students or alumni, and in media articles. The alumnus of the year is a representative of the association and Oulu UAS.

Alumnus of the Year 2015: Asmo Saloranta

Asmo Saloranta is a fair, considerate, positive and energetic person and a true entrepreneur, whose activity has created business networks and new workplaces to Oulu region. He works together with Oulu UAS for example by ordering thesis works. He has brought a lot of visibility to Oulu UAS during and after his studies.

Alumnus of the Year 2014: Mikko Sortti

Mikko Sortti is a positive and versatile expert, who doesn't hesitate to take up a challenge. He has entrepreneurial attitude and he keeps in touch with the personnel of his campus. As an alumnus he is always ready to tell the students about his career. Mikko has also participated in developing the education by bringing in the working life perspective without forgetting the student's point of view.

Alumnus of the Year 2013: Rita Porkka

Rita Porkka is a good example of life-long learning. After graduating, in addition to other duties, she has completed a Specialist Qualification in Rural Development and qualified as a vocational teacher. In May she could also add the Master's Degree in rural development into her CV.

Rita's work in KantriOulu project has been important and unique. She has gained a lot of media coverage for her work. This has brought media's attention also to Oulu UAS's significant role as a educator in the area.

Alumnus of the Year 2012: Joni Pakanen

Joni Pakanen has graduated in 2008 as a Bachelor of Culture and Arts. He is a professional in magic and a versatile and recognised artist. He has focused on developing his career, done productions of his own and together with many operators. Joni's career has taken him into international markets as well. He has kept a close connection to Oulu UAS after the graduation. Joni has emphasised his education in public, which has made Oulu UAS better-known as an educator of the culture experts.

Alumnus of the Year 2011: Teemu Vähä

Teemu Vähä has graduated as a Bachelor of Social Services in year 2000. In 2011 he graduated with a Master's degree of Social Services and Health Care. He has worked several years as a senior youth worker in the City of Oulu. He works for the future of the children and young people. He has also worked several years in the board of the alumni association and is still active with the association.

Alumnus of the Year 2010: Tony Manninen

Oulu-based Tony Manninen graduated as an information technology engineer from the Raahe Institute of Computer Science, which, since 1997, has been a part of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. At the moment, Manninen works as the CEO of renowned Oulu-based game studio LudoCraft Ltd. and assistant professor at the University of Oulu. 

Tony has succeeded in his work both in Finland and abroad and simultaneously made his educational background at Oulu UAS known. Manninen is an inspiring and sought-after lecturer, who often, and with pleasure, visits his old alma mater, lecturing in a variety of fields of education.

Alumnus of the Year 2009: Sanna Hirvaskari

Bachelor of Culture and Arts Sanna Hirvaskari is the history's first Alumnus of the year of Oulu UAS. She was elected in November 2009. Sanna is a positive and joyful dance professional, who has kept a close contact with Oulu UAS. Sanna has brought up her education in publicity. She has increased the conspicuousness of the university of applied sciences as an educator of performing arts experts.

Contact information

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+358 40 575 2434

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