The audit visit begins today

Published: 14 November 2017 at 09:14

OUAS's external audit begins today. The audit team appointed by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre begins its assessment by interviewing OUAS's top management, directors of education and RDI, OSAKO's executive board and team leaders from different service units. There are also interviews for the Board of the OUAS and a group of external stakeholders.

During the three days, 19 interviews will be held, involving a total of 110 people: OUAS students, staff members and representatives of external stakeholders. The theme of the first audit day (Tuesday) is the quality system. During the other visiting days (Wednesday and Thursday) the evaluation is focused on the degree programmes and the Oamk LABs. Thematic interviews will be organized on regional and social interaction as well as on the quality assurance of international activities.

The auditing team consists of Vice Rector Merja Heino from the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences (chairman of the audit group), Development Manager Johanna Anttonen from the National Defense University, Principal Lecturer Anne Pohjus from the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Student Tero Haapala from Turku University of Applied Sciences and Head of Research Funding Kalle Korhonen from the Kone Foundation. Counsellor of Evaluation Karl Holm and Senior Advisor Kirsi Mustonen are from the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre.

From the left: Karl Holm, Tero Haapala, Johanna Anttonen, Merja Heino, Anne Pohjus, Kalle Korhonen ja Kirsi Mustonen.