Sustainable development

Our staff and students acknowledge their ecological, economic and sociocultural responsibilities. We are committed to systematically enhancing the principles of sustainable development in all our actions.

The sustainable development teams of the campuses implement the practices that are guided by the Sustainable development is part of knowhow –program 2017.

Campus SD contacts are:

Politics of Sustainable Development in Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oulu UAS) is a northern operator for sustainable development. It is included in the objectives of the education we provide and is also integrated in our research, development and innovation work. Our staff and students acknowledge their ecological, economic and sociocultural responsibilities and are committed to systematically enhancing the principles of sustainable development in their actions.

Our sustainable development work follows the requirements of the ISO 14001 environmental standard. Our work is directed primarily towards strengthening environmental know-how and awareness. We also take into account actions, the environmental impacts of which we can indirectly affect, such as stakeholder co-operation and maintenance operations. We make sure that we have enough resources for sustainable development work. We also monitor regularly the progress of the work and fulfil the requirements set to us by the law and authorities.


The politics has been discussed in the management group of Oulu UAS on 18 March 2015, and the rector has signed it.

Goals of sustainable development work 2015-2017

In the beginning of the year 2015 students and personnel valued the main activities of Oulu UAS and their sustainable development (SD) impacts. On the basis of the results three main goals were defined for the SD work of Oulu UAS:

1. To strengthen environmental competence of students and staff
2. To promote environmental awareness and responsible action
3. To intensify waste sorting, to reduce total amounts of waste and its costs

Each goal involves various activities, that are measured and monitored.

Responsibilities of sustainable development in Oulu UAS

Our SD responsibility includes various objects.

ecological To prevent negative environmental impacts: to reduce consumption of energy, materials and water
economic Resource wisdom: the balance btw. objectives and resources, life cycle thinking, recycling
social Well-being at work and in studies: to strengthen knowhow, caring, safety
cultural Enhancing multiculturalism: dialog btw. various fields of study and business, tolerance, equality
Organisation and resources

The SD programme concerns everyone in Oulu UAS.

Board of Oulu UAS Accepts sustainable development programme (occasionally also the executive group of Oulu UAS can manage SD matters).
Rector Verifies the SD programme, politics and organisation, names members for the SD team of Oulu UAS and defines its tasks.
SD team of Oulu UAS Responsible of SD work in Oulu UAS, sees that environmental management systems is advanced, compiles annual agenda and report of SD work in Oulu UAS to the executive group.
SD teams in three main campuses Responsible for the realization of the SD programme and environmental management system in the campus.
Focus area co-ordinator Secretary in SD team of Oulu UAS, co-ordinates environmental management system and represents Oulu UAS in SD matters in national and international forums.