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Oulu University of Applied Sciences operates in the cities of Oulu and Oulainen.

Oulu, the largest city in Northern Finland, is situated on the Gulf of Bothnia, at the mouth of the Oulu River, a site that has been a trading centre from very early times. It takes from six to seven hours by train, between eight and nine hours by car and one hour by plane to travel to Oulu from Finland's capital, Helsinki. The distance between Oulu and Helsinki is 611 kilometres along the road 4/E75.

Oulu was founded in 1605. Nowadays Oulu is seen as the cultural and commercial capital of Northern Finland with a population of 196 194 (31.12.2014), which makes it the sixth largest city in Finland. It has established an international reputation for high technology, and many large, modern international high-tech companies such as Nokia have development centres in the area.

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Comprehensive schools, vocational and professional institutes, Oulu University of Applied Sciences and the University of Oulu form a significant part of the city's intellectual life and contribute to its importance as a service centre. At present there are over 25,000 students of higher education in Oulu. 

One unit of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences is located outside Oulu


In the School of Health and Social Care there are two departments of nursing: one is located in Oulu and the other one, Oulainen Department of Health Care, functions in the town of Oulainen, which is situated 100 km south of Oulu on the main railway line and road no. 86. Oulainen is a peaceful provincial town with good public services and population of ca. 8,000. The area offers excellent facilities for sports enthusiasts, with a sports ground, skating rink, tennis courts, swimming pool, exercise halls, gyms and a skiing centre. There are also opportunities for horse riding, canoeing and boating and good opportunities to go in for music, dancing, movies or the visual arts.

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