Student Union OSAKO

Student Union of Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OSAKO) is a politically independent service and support organisation for all students of Oulu UAS. OSAKO represents students in educational and welfare matters and helps students with any problems they might encounter. OSAKO also fosters active and vibrant student life by organising parties, trips and other events. OSAKO has more than 4000 members.

OSAKO offers a great amount of local, regional and national benefits. These student benefits are available also to international students when they join the student union and order a student card. The membership fee is 27 euros for one academic year and 16 euros for one semester (+ 6 euros for the card).

All students are welcome to join OSAKO’s activities. OSAKO co-ordinates international team which meets regularly to discuss matters related to the life and studies of international students and to plan student events. The team also serves as a channel for feedback.

More information on the student union and student card is available during the orientation programme for international students and on OSAKO's webpage and Facebook.

OSAKO's office is located in Kajaanintie 32 D 61, 90130 Oulu (Välkkylä)
Map Open Mon–Thu 10–16, Fri 10–15.


ESN Oulu

ESN Oulu ry is a non-profit and student-managed organization for exchange students arriving to the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

We work for you to make your stay in Oulu fun and exciting by organizing many awesome events! All students are welcome to those!

You can hook us up on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, email and of course our guildroom HK204 (Linnanmaa Campus: office hours on Wednesdays 11-12.) at the University of Oulu and at Oulu University of Applied Sciences (office hours on Mondays 17-18).

Join us as an active member!


University Sports of Oulu

University Sports offers students versatile and affordable physical exercise in the forms of weekly sports shifts, sports courses, events and student discounts.

Services can be utilised with a personal Sports Pass. The Pass functions as an admission ticket to common sports shifts of University Sports of Oulu and entitles to agreed discounts on services of co-operation partners. The services are provided together with the University of Oulu and Oulu Vocational College. Students can buy their Sports Passes from the sales points of the field specific student associations as well as in the office of the Student Union OSAKO, Kajaanintie 32 D 61. In the academic year 2015–2016 the Sports Pass costs EUR 44. The fee for the autumn term is 26 EUR and for the spring term 29 EUR.

See also the website of


World-class sports and studies

Oulu University of Applied Sciences participates the Oulu Region Academy of Sports that is a co-operation network for combining professional training in certain sports and studies in the educational establishments in the Oulu Region. The Oulu Region Academy of Sports has been operating since 2001.

The Academy is designed for success seeking athletes mainly in the national or international top class of their age group.

More information on operations of the Oulu Region Academy of Sports is available at You can acquaint yourself with the Oulu Region Academy of Sports at