Demola Projects


In autumn 2018 and spring 2019, YY00CG24 Demola Project ( offers exchange students from different educational fields (ICT, business, engineering, media & design, health and social care) to take part in a business-driven and company-based demo project (5 ECTS cr), either in the autumn or spring term. Please note that each term Demola runs two times and the availability of projects may be limited regarding your educational background. You can pursue the course Y00022E Finnish Survival Course (3 ECTS cr) along with Demola, and possibly also courses from one (!) of the other exchange study programmes offered, see more below. 

You will apply and then be matched to a project team and work together in a multidisciplinary way to create a demo with/for a company or organisation. Demola is an excellent opportunity to learn project, teamwork and presentation skills. In the process, you will be able to contribute to the demo project based on your own academic/professional expertise and your team's learning goals and needs. You can pursue Demola either as a study or traineeship exchange. It fits best for students in their 3rd or 4th year of studies on Bachelor's or Master's level.

Check out this video to learn more about the way of studying in Demola.



Application & work process:

The Demola project course timing and work involves a) regular MoveOn exchange application during the exchange application period, including an interview during or shortly after the exchange application. It also requires b) an additional separate Demola project application before or at the beginning of each term, that is, once exchange students are in Oulu.

The Demola application will be followed up with a possible interview based on which you and other students will be matched to the Demola project applied, or to another suitable Demola project. In case you do not get selected to a Demola project despite considerable efforts, the Demola staff tries to come up with another suitable solution to meet the learning goals characteristic of a Demola project.

After the selection to a Demola project, you will take part in a kickoff event/meeting with the Demola staff and project team, and then continue working on the project during the demo planning and implementation phase. You will eventually conclude the Demola project work and exchange studies with a project presentation and report. 

The ECTS cr scope of a Demola project has been set to 5 ECTS cr at the time of the application and admission. However, the workload depends on the project and the topic, that is, it might vary and you may negotiate about an increasement of the workload with the Demola staff during the the project work. You can pursue the course Y00022E Finnish Survival Course (3 ECTS cr) along with the Demola project, and possibly also courses from one (!) of the other exchange study programmes offered, see hereafter:


Autumn 2018


Spring 2019


Project showcase: 


If need be, you may obtain more detailed course descriptions from the course search website of Oulu UAS by entering the specific course code and/or name, as mentioned in the aforementioned Excel lists.

In case of questions concerning the application, feel free to contact Mr Bastian Fähnrich, International Coordinator, and for more details on the academic content, Mr Pekka Silven, Head of Demola Oulu.