The departments in engineering are offering various exchange study programmes in English during 2018-2019. The exchange programmes consist of field-specifc courses and project works in English. You can also study Finnish on a Survival Course! It is also possible to pursue interdisciplinary project studies in Oamk LABs, if suitable. 

All courses listed are instructed in English. Only courses from one programme can be taken due to timetabling constraints.



Building Services

In the degree program of building services engineering the focus is in heating, plumbing and ventilation engineering of real estate. The aim is to educate engineers, who master technical systems of buildings. Climate change and increasing energy requirement are the issues, that specialists in the field of heating, plumbing and air conditioning are searching solutions for.

As an exchange student you will study spring semester in a project, in which you design heating, plumbing and ventilation for particular buildings. In project you use software, which are used also in companies in the field of HVAC engineering: CADS and MagiCAD. Project studies provide you good skills, if you want to work in design of heating, plumbing and ventilation or in contracting as a project manager.

The prerequisites for the project are as follows:

  • dimensioning of ventilation pipes, dimensioning of cooling and choice of the devices needed
  • knowledge of the building regulations and fire regulations
  • in heating technique, basis for the heat production and dimensioning, dimensioning of pipe systems, choice of batteries and of other devices 
  • basis for the water supply systems and sewer systems.

You should be at least 2nd year student in engineering degree programme (BEng) and have a basic knowledge in energy technology. Courses in the project are on 3rd year in our curriculum. The studies will be located in our Kotkantie Campus.

The courses given in English in Spring 2019 are:

  • T680410-3005                               Design of Ventilation, 10 ECTS               
  • T680610-3004                               Design of Plumbing, 10 ECTS                  
  • T680910-3005                               Design of Heating, 10 ECTS
Civil Engineering

”The North is an inspiration to Civil Engineering”

The aim of the Degree Program in Civil Engineering is to educate professionals in civil engineering for local and national as well as international construction industry. The students are prepared to work in design and leadership positions at building sites as well as in management duties in construction projects.

The Degree Program in Civil Engineering is actively involved in different international projects in order to ensure that the education remains closely in line with the international construction trends. The courses also include building site visits and specialist lectures given by visiting representatives from working life.

In the Degree Program in Civil Engineering you can study House Building Engineering or Municipal Engineering. Exchange students can study either during the Autumn term (30 credits) or the Spring term (30 credits), or it is also possible to study the whole study year (60 credits).

To exchange students we offer Bachelor-level house building and municipal engineering modules of the different study years.

The courses given in English in Spring 2019 are:

  • 5F00BH61-3002                  Application Software for Structural Engineering, 3 ECTS
  • TF00BO14-3001                  Soil Construction, 5 ECTS
  • T518905-3007                    Renovation 2, 5 ECTS
  • T535705-3004                    International Water and environmental Management, 5 ECTS
  • TF00BN77-3005                  Technical Drawing and Building Modelling, 5 ECTS
  • T528803-3003                    Concrete Structures 1, 3 ECTS
  • TF00BN76-3004                  Building Projects and professional English, 5 ECTS
  • TF00BN80-3001                  Modern Construction Management, 5 ECTS
  • T528405-3008                    Finnish Construction Industry, 5 ECTS
  • YY00BH04-3024                  Entrepreneurship, 3 ECTS
  • T000103-3009                    Intercultural Competences, 3 ECTS
Energy Technology

Energy is a major part of today's life and present almost all human activities. The aim of the energy technology degree program in Oulu University of Applied Sciences is to provide the ability to design small and regional energy production systems and energy applications of various energy systems.  

As an exchange student, you are studying at the Energy and Automation department for a spring semester energy project, which solves real business problems. During the project, student groups contact companies, learn project work and create documentation, solve real problems and learn a whole new dimension of energy field. Spring semester will culminate at Energy exhibition, where the students present their project and results. The studies will be located in our Kotkantie Campus

Spring project consists of these courses, which are all mandatory for students:

  • Energy technology project 12 ECTS
  • Introduction to project working 3 ECTS
  • Work community skills 3 ECTS
  • Solar Power 3 ECTS
  • Engineerig English 3 ECTS
  • Research and Development 3 ECTS
Mechanical Engineering

Passion for mechanical design combined with top know-how and long traditions since 1894. The Department of Mechanical Engineering is, despite its great age, a very trendy and active player in the latest technical development. We educate inventive and creative experts to meet the needs of various lines of businesses. 

We also provide a double degree with Ulm UAS, Germany, take a look:

In co-operation with the local industry, we have extensive projects, e.g. Tehoja and Ultra.

The studies will be located in Kotkantie Campus. 

Our courses for the Spring 2019 are:

  • 5K00BJ23-3002                           Engine Laboratory Measurements, 3 ECTS     
  • 5K00BL50-3006                           Business Economics, 3 ECTS
  • 5K00BL75-3002                           Adjustment of Cars, 3 ECTS  
  • 5Y00CG05-3002                           English for Mechanical Engineers, 3 ECTS
  • T000103-3009                             Intercultural Competences, 3 ECTS      
  • T000305-3007                             Project Work, 5 ECTS  
  • T000310-3006                             Project Work, 10 ECTS 
  • T000315-3005                             Project Work, 15 ECTS
  • TK00BP45-3005                           Innovative Product Development, 10 ECTS
  • TK00BP63-3001                           Plastic Product Engineering, 10 ECTS


You may obtain detailed course descriptions from the search tool. Change language to English, and enter the search query (code or name of the course).

Specific information for 2019-2020 will be updated here on March 2019. In case of questions, feel free to contact the International Coordinator Marianne Isola.



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