Natural Resources


The department of natural resources offers an exchange programme in English in the field of agriculture and rural industries during 2018-2019. In OUAS you will meet a modern learning environment, not only on the campus but also hands-on learning experience in Oulu Region. It means group work and individual tasks, which are closely connected to real life and local people. The tasks offer you an opportunity to get a view of farming and other rural livelihoods as well as environmental issues in Finland. You will do cooperation with local stakeholders: entrepreneurs, companies, private and public organizations, villages etc. Download a leaflet.

The studies will be located in Kotkantie Campus. The professional courses given in English are those offered to our 3rd year Bachelor degree students:

The courses given in English in Spring 2019 are:
  • 6M00BJ49-3002 English for Rural Industries, 3 cr
  • 6M00BL80-3002 Individual Project Studies, 3-15 cr
  • LM00BR99-3002 Innovation Plan, 15 cr 
  • LM00BS00-3002 Development of Rural Livelihoods, 15 cr 
  • T000103-3009 Intercultural Competences, 3 cr

It may be also possible to pursue interdisciplinary project studies in Oamk LABs, possibly Oulu DevLAB.


You may obtain detailed course descriptions from the search tool. Change language to English, and enter the search query (code or name of the course).

Specific information for 2019-2020 will be updated here on March 2019. In case of questions, feel free to contact the International Coordinator Marianne Isola



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