Research and Development Environment for Utility Vehicles


The NUVE-LAB is an independent research and development environment for energy efficient and autonomous and utility vehicles. The NUVE-LAB can be used for long time reliability testing by utilizing pre-defined test models or real-time test loadings generated in virtual reality. A digital twin connected to the vehicle control system enables the development and optimization of your autonomous vehicle in a controlled environment.

NUVE-LAB provides testing capacity from passenger cars to heavy utility vehicles. The laboratory equipment has been selected to be suitable for developing and testing both entire vehicles, their components and sub-assemblies, including electric motors up to 1 MW of output power.


In addition to developing of the powertrain itself, the NUVE-LAB environment provides a possibility to test and optimize the related engine and powertrain control systems. The NUVE-LAB environment can, for instance, be utilized for testing the fault control logic in standardized and safe laboratory conditions. The real-time loadings simulated in virtual reality provide a modern environment especially for optimizing the control systems of the engine and the entire powertrain. The optimized control system will be an essential competition factor and it is a feature that provides a possibility to stand out from the competitors. 

The collaboration with the NUVE project and combining the human resources of University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences create limitless opportunities to lead the research and development of the energy-efficient and autonomous vehicle industry.