PrinLab - Development Laboratory for Printed Intelligence

PrinLab offers Printed Intelligence (also known as Printed Electronics) design, manufacturing and test services to support R&D work. PrinLab and its crew also participates in national and international multidisciplinary development projects as well as in educational matters. PrinLab is a part of the PrintoCent.


At PrinLab we use different printing techniques in sheet and roll-to-roll processes. Our facilities are well equipped also with testing and measurement capabilities. See more in the Equipment section.

Come and visit PrinLab! See if Your product or service could benefit from printed and intelligent technology? Visit PrinLab! See if Your product or service could benefit from printed and intelligent technology?

Seminars, Education and Events

Besides the engineering education we arrange multidisciplinary training events, seminars and courses. Let us know if you have something special in mind!

Ask from our personnel!

Thesis and other student work

Every year we have several students doing their thesis work or practice related to studies. Students can be from different areas of expertize. Typically the work done for the PrinLab are mechanical design, electronics, software and laboratory/chemistry work.

If you have an idea or need for a thesis worker related to Printed Intelligence, please contact our crew!

What is Printed Intelligence (Printed Electronics)?


Printed Intelligence (Printed Electronics) is functionality which can be manufactured using different printing techniques in small batches as well as in mass volumes.

Using printable functional materials and thin lightweight flexible substrates almost all kinds of new applications are possible to manufacture. Of course, printed functionality can be embedded to existing systems and applications.

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Printed Intelligence, project development
Senior Lecturer Harri Määttä
Biochemistry, project development
Senior Researcher Marja Nissinen
Laboratory sciences, measurements
Researcher Niina Torniainen
Printed Intelligence, manufacturing
Researcher Tomi Tuomaala