PrinLab team has participated in more than 25 national and international printed intelligence related projects during the last 10+ years. You can find more info on some of the projects below.


CoRoSect brings a novel perspective to automated insect farming. A digitalized, integrated robotic solution to support all insect life cycle phases is introduced. The goal is to create a collaborative environment where humans and robots harmoniously share and undertake various cognitively and physically demanding tasks, such as transferring and handling crates (de-stacking and stacking), monitoring environmental conditions, larvae separation/detection, insect feeding, and more. This infrastructure will be implemented, tested and validated based on end-user needs and requirements in diverse insect production environments, namely Mealworm, Black Soldier Fly and Crickets.

OAMK role in this project is to design, manufacture and test the sensors that can be integrated into crates to measure the critical variables which must be monitored to ensure a successful production process.


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SEAFOOD-AGE project is a transnational joint effort aimed at creating solutions towards healthier ageing and a circular economy seafood sector. It will exploit the maritime dimension of the AA regions and will adopt circular economy concepts to generate ready-to-eat seafood for healthy ageing, produce novel eco-packaging and develop a smart label for better quality, safety and minimum food waste.

OAMK role in this project is to design smart predictive labels to aid retailers to reduce food waste while optimising quality and safety, and to support ageing consumers to make better-informed RTE seafood choices.


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Rapid diagnostics is an application area of printed intelligence which benefits the existing environment of the PrintoCent community. The expertise of Oamk, VTT and University of Oulu is pooled to establish a service model that enables the development, manufacturing and clinical testing of new rapid diagnostic devices as well as enhances the overall availability of these technology services to start-up and medium sized companies. The goal is also to attract international companies, working in the diagnostics field, to settle in the Oulu region, to co-operate with Oulu-based companies and to pilot the service model created in this project. The development of rapid diagnostics R&D and manufacturing business in the Oulu region requires the co-operation of a broad network, which is possible to be improved through PrintoDiSe. Oamk is responsible of service network for development of the electrochemical biosensors for rapid diagnostics.

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Food chain is the fundamental element of systems to maintain the basic needs of living in human society. The essential parts of the food chain are in the turning point of development. They are supposed to produce safe and healthy food more efficiently with less resources. One part of this development is digitalisation and technology development, which will be in the scope of the project.

In this project, the printed intelligence and structural electronics based technological solutions will be developed to improve the safety and efficiency in the food chain. A research and development environment will be implemented to provide design, manufacturing, and testing expertise to develop products relevant for food safety and self-sufficiency improvement. In addition, project will generate new scientific information about the technology.

After the project, Oulu region is an internationally significant research and development ecosystem which has proven capability to develop new products to the food safety technology market. Project will increase the visibility and the awareness of printed intelligence and structural electronics ecosystem.

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