RDI Projects

Alongside teaching, research, development and innovation work (RDI) is the second basic task of universities of applied sciences. Our RDI work supports the development of Oulu and Northern Finland. The RDI activities are closely integrated with our education provision and learning, as well as the lifelong learning offerings and projects implemented in cooperation with businesses and industries.

Our key RDI focus areas

Environmental knowledgeAt Oamk, environmental knowledge is particularly linked to the development of the circular economy, responsible industrial production and consumption, and the optimisation of energy generation and use.

Sustainable well-beingSustainable well-being covers the attention paid to demographic diversification, promoting digitalisation in healthcare and social services, and reforming business models.
Digital disruptionDigital disruption, in turn, focuses on applying new digital technologies and promoting business opportunities. At the moment, these activities at Oamk are primarily related to the data economy, 5G/6G technology, drones, robotics, and printed intelligence.