Nordic Expertise Behind NUVE


At SINTEF the partners have been working with virtual prototyping, 3D CAD model, development for years and are now a part of DIGICAT Virtual test and development centre as a part of the Norwegian Catapult program. The DigiCat centre focuses on digital twins for testing and research purposes within the maritime industry. The SINTEF in Narvik has been participating in applied industrial research in the railway area where 3D visualization and simulations have been used.

Luleå University of Technology (LUT) has established a strategic research and innovation area (SFIO) of which purpose is to develop more intelligent machines, materials and processes by creating new applications, tools and models. This is an Interreg project and a part of LUT strategy of intelligent machines.

Computer-assisted machine design (DMK) has long been focusing on researching and enhancing the productivity, safety and quality of the utility machines for forestry and agriculture. There are several projects going on related to the subject, for example Automation for Autonomous Off-road Mobility (VINNOVA).

The NUVE project completes the already existing research and furthers the development of intelligent algorithms in autonomous heavy-duty vehicles. The mining industry, forestry and agriculture are essential branches for economic growth in Northern Sweden. This Interreg project enhances the automation of these branches and thus increases the competitiveness.

The role of the University of Oulu (UOulu) is to bring their expertise to the creating of the digital twin and the VR environment. There is strong expertise in motor technologies, industrial processes and developing information technology related to them at the UOulu. They also have strong experience in VR environments and digital twins. The research groups at the UOulu provide firm expertise and network of researchers who can later utilize the platform developed during the project in product development and research.

Several Horizon2020 projects are going on at the UOulu, for example Intensified by DesignIbD and HYFLIERS, both dealing with subjects related to the NUVE -project. The UOulu is currently leading the work package of research and innovation actions in Horizon Europe.

Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OUAS) will build the Mobilab laboratory together with the University of Oulu in 2019–2022. The Mobilab environment can be used to test, develop, research and teach various qualities of utility vehicles: energy storage and transfer and force production.

OUAS has put into practice several mutual projects within vehicle industry. OUAS is a part of the UOulu coordinated ESF funded AutoKoulu project and has also coordinated PreNuve preparative project partially funded by Interreg Nord. The project was carried out together with the LUT, Sweden.