NUVE-LAB - Developing Autonomous and Environmentally Sustainable Utility Vehicles


The results of the NUVE and Mobilab projects together create an entity called NUVE-LAB.

The NUVE-LAB project builds an environment which will help to develop new energy efficient and autonomous and utility vehicles. The environment will be built on the Linnanmaa campus in cooperation with the University of Oulu.


NUVE-LAB provides research, development, and testing capabilities from passage cars to heavy utility vehicles. It is designed to serve energy efficient and  autonomous vehicle research and development. The lab contains a platform for modelling actual environments in virtual reality. Our modern laboratory helps develop vehicles that meet the future market requirements.

Our unique ecosystem offers the latest technical facilities and exceptional human resources. The location on the university campus that is one of the largest university research communities in Northern Europe creates an outstanding opportunity for vehicle suppliers to lead the development of autonomous and environmentally sustainable vehicles. In NUVE-LAB you can develop your next generation autonomous and semi-autonomous utility vehicles to withstand the demands of the future market.

Improving Knowledge of Experts

NUVE-LAB is linked to a partner project which is targeted at people in Northern Ostrobothnia who work in the automotive and utility vehicle sector. This project is called eMobiili and its goal is to expand the knowledge of experts to work with new kinds of vehicle technologies (f.ex. hybrid, electric, gas motors).


Link in Finnish: eMobiili


Competitiveness with Energy-Efficient Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Energy efficiency and low carbon footprint have become important competition factors in the field of autonomous and vehicle technologies.  Maintaining the competitiveness requires a growing focus on the related research and development activities; the present combustion engine-based solutions will soon be replaced by electricity and hybrid technologies equipped with energy reserving systems.  The competition, quickly tightening emission standards and environmental awareness of the customers will ensure the fast evolution in the field.

The long-term objective of the project is to establish a Nordic network which concentrates on education, research and cold climate product development. The NUVE-LAB investments influence directly on the developing of energy efficient autonomous and utility vehicle technologies, and the companies involved in the project can develop a cutting edge technology in our unique laboratory.


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