Application Practicalities

In this section, you can find the information needed when applying to studies at Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Finnish universities have one joint application period, which is divided into two sections. The first section is meant for Bachelor's degree programmes conducted entirely in English and Finnish taught art studies. The second section is only for Finnish taught degree programmes.

The student admissions follow the admission criteria decided by the UASs in the joint application system, and the order of application preference options chosen by the applicant. The admission criteria is available on the section General Admission Criteria.

How to apply


1. Fill in the online application form at

The application is available during the application period 9-24 January 2018 and closes on the last day of application at 15:00 Finnish time.


2. Deliver the documents

  • All applicants applying with a degree awarded outside Finland must deliver a photocopy of the upper secondary school diploma and official English translation of it to the Admission Services by 7 February 2018 at 15:00 Finnish time. Please note that all documents should be delivered by post or by courier services.
  • If you are non – EU/EEA citizen graduating in the spring 2018 and wish to apply, you should ask an official statement of you upcoming graduation from your school and deliver it to our Admission Services by 7 February 2018. Also official English translation of the statement is needed if the statement is not written in English.
  • If you are EU/EEA citizen graduating in the spring 2018 you do not have to deliver any documents of your upcoming graduation but your original upper secondary school diploma is checked once the studies begin.
  • Once the deadline of documents is over, Admission Services will check the eligibilities of all applicants and invite the eligible applicants to take entrance examination.

3. Entrance exams are arranged in the end of March.

Invitations to entrance examination are sent to all invited applicants by email. Oulu UAS will also notify non-eligible applicants who have chosen Oulu UAS as their first option once entrance examination invitations have been sent.


4. The results of student selection

The results of student selection will be published in the beginning of July at the latest. All admitted students will be contacted once results are ready.


5. Studies will begin in August.