In order to demonstrate eligibility for UAS studies, applicants must deliver copies of their upper secondary school diplomas by the given date to the Admission Services of their first choice university of applied sciences. In addition a copy of an official Finnish, Swedish or English translation of the certificate must be provided if the certificate is not written in one of these languages. The translation must be by the authorized translator and must include the translator’s signature and stamp.

N.B. All documents must be delivered by post or by courier services. E-mailed documents are not taken into consideration.

Applicants with following degrees must deliver the copies of their certificate by the given date:

Applicants who have been selected in student selection and are accepting the study place must deliver a photocopy of their diploma (and the copy of the official Finnish, Swedish or English translation of the certificate, if it is not written in one of these languages) together with the confirmation of acceptance to the Admission Services. This includes all selected students, both Finnish and international.

Verifying the original documents

All selected students, Finnish and international, must bring their original documents to be verified by the Admission Services on the first day of their studies. The original documents must be equivalent to the copies delivered during the application period.

The applicant who has enrolled present and does not bring the original certificates to be checked or does not change the enrolment of presence into enrolment of absence will forfeit the right to study.

In co-operation with Finnish authorities, the Admission Services will automatically inform the Finnish Immigration Service about the cancellation of the study place. Also the non-appearance of an enrolled student coming to Finland with a student’s residence permit will be reported to the authorities.

The student selection is not final until the original diplomas have been checked. This applies to all applicants, Finnish and international. If the student fails to deliver original documents to the Admission Services by the given deadline, Oulu UAS will cancel the offered study place.