Master's Degree in Education Entrepreneurship


The Master’s Degree Programme in Education Entrepreneurship is offered by the Oulu University of Applied Sciences in Finland. The programme bridges the fields of education, entrepreneurship, design and innovation. It focuses on a hands-on approach to support new innovations in education such as building education technology startups or social impact initiatives, and leading innovation in educational organizations and companies. Participation in the program will support professionals to access opportunities and networks in the global education innovation community (pedagogical and business). The cohort is expected to be interdisciplinary and international with the program completed in a collaborative and working-life focused learning environment.

The degree is offered as a one-year, 60 ECTS credit blended learning experience (face-to-face and online) in English. In other words, it is expected that student's of this program will continue to work as professionals while completing the program.

The degree is targeted to individuals interested in moving more deeply into the global edtech industry and to gain the competencies and networks to develop education innovations within their workplaces anywhere around the world and in some cases to support their own startups. Participants are expected, but limited to, being educators, school administrators, trainers, professionals from technology, media or publishing companies, or existing entrepreneurs wishing to pivot towards Edtech.

Applications are only open for 16 days. The application period opens on January 9th, 2018 and closes on January 24th, 2018 at 15:00 (Finnish time).


The degree programme delivers content focusing on competencies that enable participants to engage in the global education (Edtech) industry and the education systems in Finland and around the world. Students will be able to:

Identify opportunities for business and innovation through an interdisciplinary approach in the context of education and training.

Design, test and implement an innovative product or service.

Practice and share expertise in interdisciplinary and intercultural teams and networks.

Build professional networks.


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