Selection of Students with Open University of Applied Sciences Studies as a Degree Student

Students who have completed Open University of Applied Sciences studies can apply for Degree student status on the basis of their studies without participating in the normal student selection. Please note, that the studies must have been completed in a Finnish University of Applied Sciences.

When applying for Degree studies, the students must have completed

The students applying for Bachelor's degree programmes do not need to meet the general eligibility criteria defined in the Polytechnics Act. 

Non-EU/EEA citizen: When applying for Degree studies, please see the tuition fees.

Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for students applying for degree programmes on the basis of Open UAS studies are as follows:

1. The applicant has completed at least 55 ECTS credits of Open UAS studies that can be credited for the degree programme, for which they are applying. Open UAS studies completed at other Universities of Applied Sciences can also be taken into account.

  • From the required Open UAS studies (55 cr) the maximum amount of directly credited credits can be 18 credits.

Example: An applicant applies for a Degree Programme and has already prior higher education studies (e.g. Bachelor’s Degree) or other acquired learning. When studying at the Open UAS he/she can apply for accreditation of prior learning. When selecting students with Open UAS studies as a Degree student maximum 18 cr of prior studies can be directly credited from the required 55 cr.

  • The maximum amount of free choice studies that can be credited is the same amount that is included in the curriculum of the degree programme that the student is applying for. (Takes effect in autumn 2016.)

2. For the Spring application period, the studies must be completed by 31st July (also for the possible additional application period), and for the Autumn application period by 31st December.

3. The applicant passes a possible interview or entrance examination (for example language skills) or has sufficient study success.

4. The resources of the educational department and the courses offered by the University of Applied Sciences enable admitting new students to degree programmes/study options.

5. If there are more applicants than can be selected the applicants are ranked according to the following criteria:

  • A possible interview and/or entrance examination
  • Study success and sufficient language skills for the language of instruction
  • The amount of ECTS credits completed by the end of the application period.


Online application to degree programmes on the basis of Open University studies is available during the application period at

The application period ends on the last day of application at 3 pm, when the online application must be submitted. The attachments (a current transcript of records as well as a personal study plan for studies that are completed after the application period by 31st July/31st December) must be delivered to University of Applied Sciences according to the timetable announced at The applicant can make changes to the application until the end of the application period. The student selection is based on the information that is available by the end of the application period.

Application period in Autumn 2018

The application period for studies beginning in January 2019 is 1st November to 15th November. These English Degree Programmes are available for application:

  • Degree Programme in International Business
  • Degree Programme in Information Technology

Please see the degree programme specific criteria below (section "Application period in Autumn 2018").



Student Selection and Right to Appeal

Student Selection and Right to Appeal

After the students have been selected, the applicants will be informed of the student selection in writing for the Spring application by 30th June, for additional application by 31st August and for Autumn selection by 15th December.

The study place must be confirmed by the date mentioned in the admission letter. The transcript of records must be delivered when accepting the study place at the latest. Student selection is conditional until the applicant’s (who has accepted the study place) transcript of records has been checked and confirmed.

Please note that you must have the required credits by 31st of July or by 31st of December, depending on whether you're applying in the Spring / Autumn period.

 According to the Act 257/2015 an applicant may accept only one study place leading to a higher education degree in education starting during the same term.

A student admitted to education leading to a UAS qualification must confirm his or her acceptance of the study place by the date given in the acceptance letter. If the applicant does not confirm the acceptance of the study place by the deadline, he or she will lose it. The University of Applied Sciences must register the acceptance information without delay.

A person who has applied for admission can submit to a body of the University of Applied Sciences a written rectification request concerning the decision on student admission within 14 days of the publication of the results of student selection. When the results are announced, it must be declared how the applicant can gain information about how the grounds for the selection were applied to him or her, and how he or she can demand a rectification to the outcome of the selection. The admission results may not be changed to the detriment of any other admitted person in consequence of the rectification request. (Act 257/2015). The rectification requests will be processed according to the instructions 8.4.2015 § 84.


Application period in Autumn 2018

Application period for studies beginning in January 2019 is 1st November to 15th November.

Degree Programme in International Business: The average of completed studies must be minimum 3. The applicant must have completed Proficiency in Business English (completed in the modul KB00BP22) or course KB00BU92 Proficiency in Business English (minimum grade 3), and/or the applicant is invited for an interview.

Degree Programme in Information Technology: The qualified applicant will be invited for an interview, which will be held on week 48 (Mon 26.-Thu 29.11.). Invitation to the interview will be sent by e-mail a week before the interview at the latest. In addition, applicants must have completed the English language course included in the Degree, OR have completed an equivalent course from a Finnish University of Applied Sciences. The equivalent English course can also be completed in a Finnish University or completed as a degree student in a University of Applied Sciences, if the applicant has at least 55 credits worth of studies in the Open UAS that can be credited to the degree. This equivalence will be decided by the Head of the Degree Programme or teacher of the course.


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