Teaching practice


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1. Getting familiar with the competence goals and the teaching practice process

The prerequisite for achieving all the competence goals of the study units Networking practice 6 ECTS, Teaching practice 12 ECTS, and Safety competence 2 ECTS for the student teacher is to study and teach in an authentic educational environment. Competences in reference to the above mentioned study units must be developed and demonstrated in a vocational education setting.  Your teaching practice in simple terms means that you will take up a teaching task and practice teaching until you have reached the competence goals of the teaching practice and until you have demonstrated your competences.  You can take up a guided teaching practice in your own substance field in vocational education/ vocational higher education or you can practice independently in your own teaching job.

You will familiarize yourself with the requirements of the teaching practice independently or alternatively in a practice orientation session with your study group.  The practice orientation focuses on the competence goals and the essential practicalities of the teaching practice implementation. You will develop your competences by teaching in your own field and/or by other means of development and competence demonstration. Your tutor must be aware of the details of your teaching practice before you actually start it.

The teaching practice can also comprise competence development and competence demonstrations related to other study units, depending on your Personal Study Plan.

2. Registration to teaching practice

You can develop your competences in a guided teaching practice or in your own teaching job. Student teachers register for teaching practice in the student portal (registration for teaching practice).  Registration will be done two months before the teaching practice commences. Once you have registered you can start your practice by acquiring the safety competences required. Some materials for the safety part can be found here e-materials.

Finding a teaching practice placement is the responsibility of the student teacher him/herself. For a guided teaching practice you will also have to find a pedagogically qualified guiding teacher from your own substance field from the educational institute you are practicing in.

School of Vocational Teacher Education pays a fee of 250 € for teaching practice guidance.  This fee is either personal and will have to be billed by the guiding teacher by using a specified invoice form with a tax card for sideline income attached or, alternatively, the fee can be paid to the educational institute. Billing address and detailed instructions for the guidance fee can be found on the website of the School of Vocational Teacher Education.  In case you need help in finding a teaching practice placement, you can contact Sirpa Aalto (sirpa.aalto@oamk.fi) from the student services. She will help and instruct you in finding practice placements and guiding teachers in the Oulu region and in the vicinity. In Rovaniemi region and north of Finland in general the contact person for student services is Sirpa Perunka (sirpa.perunka@oamk.fi).     

3. Criminal record extract

Providing you practice in an educational or other institution involving students under the age of 18, you must have the head of the student services Pia Oikarinen in Oulu to check your criminal records extract (pia.oikarinen@oamk.fi). The same applies to student teachers in Rovaniemi who will present the extract to Sirpa Perunka (sirpa.perunka@oamk.fi). (Polytechnics act 6:34.4 §, government decree on universities of applied sciences 11 §.)   You can order the criminal records extract from the Legal Register Centre Oikeusrekisterikeskus.   

If you have no access to a reliable electronic identification means (e.g. a bank identifier, mobile certificate or a certificate card), you can also order the extract by filling and sending in a paper application form that can be printed out from the homepage of the Legal Register Centre. Instructions for the paper application procedure are available on the homepage of the Legal Register Centre.  The criminal records extract is free of charge for teaching practice.  The purpose for which the extract is ordered must be stated in the application.  In this case you write: “Teaching practice with children”. As you present the criminal record extract to the study affairs officer, the extract must not be older than six months. Until you present the extract to the study affairs officer, you will not be able to undertake any studies or practice that involve underaged children. 

4. Cooperation and teacher training contract

Prior to the commencement of the teaching practice the School of Vocational Teacher Education and the practice placement school / institute will sign a cooperation and training contract. The prefilled and editable cooperation and teacher training contract template is in the student portal. You will have an access to the contract form after you have registered for the teaching practice. You as a student teacher are responsible for making sure that the given information in the contract is accurate and up-dated.  Please, print three copies of the contract and get signatures from the guiding teacher and the head of the educational institute to the contract. The School of Vocational Teacher Education signature is represented by an electronic sequence number. After the contract has been signed by all parties necessary, you must deliver one copy of the contract to the School of Vocational Teacher Education in Oulu or in Rovaniemi. One copy of the contract is needed in the teaching practice placement school and one is for you. 

5. Personal Teaching Practice Plan

As a student teacher you will compile a personal teaching practice plan. You plan how, where and when you will develop and demonstrate your competences according to the competence goals. Your tutor and, in a guided teaching practice, your guiding teacher will guide and help you in the process. You can attach the teaching practice plan to your Personal Study Plan (PSP). Here is one example of Personal Teaching Practice Plan template.

6. Competence demonstration  

Competences in reference to teaching practice will be developed and demonstrated in a vocational education setting in an authentic teaching situation or/ and with various documentations in relation to the competence goals. Your tutor, together with the guiding teacher, will assess and identify your competences.  If the competence you are trying to demonstrate cannot be identified nor recognised, you will have to develop your competence further and demonstrate again.

7. Written evaluation from the guiding teacher

Once the teaching practice is over your guiding teacher will write you a competence-based  evaluation.  A copy of the evaluation should be sent by email to the Vocational Teacher Education tutor. (firstname.surname@oamk.fi)

8. Competence recognition from your tutor

Teaching practice is approved by the vocational teacher education teacher tutor once you have achieved all the relevant competence goals of the practice.