Transfer Student Selection

A transfer student is considered to be a student who has a valid right to study at another Finnish higher education institution or at Oulu UAS

When transfer students accept a new study right, they simultaneously lose the study right on which the transfer is based. (Act 257/2015).

What does the same field of study mean?

Transfer student selection is based on the degree titles defined in The Government Decree on Polytechnics (1129/2014):

Education in English leading to a Bachelor’s degree

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Degree Programme in Business information Technology, Degree Programme in International Business)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Degree Programme in Information Technology)

Information on admission of transfer students to degree programmes instructed in Finnish

Admission Criteria

The admission criteria for transfer student selection at Oulu University of Applied Sciences according to the decision 17.3.2017 § 15 are as follows:

  1. The applicant has a valid right to study in a Finnish higher education institution. When applying to Bachelor’s Degrees in the field of Health and Social Care or to Master’s Degrees it is required that the applicant has a valid right to study in a Finnish higher education institution within the same field of study.
  2. The applicant’s prior studies and the courses offered by the University of Applied Sciences enable graduation within the optimal time.
  3. The applicant has enrolled as present at a higher education institution for at least one year.
  4. The applicant has accumulated on average at least 55 ECTS credits per academic year.
  5. The applicant passes possible interview/entrance examination required for the degree
  6. The resources of the educational department allow the admission of a new student to the degree programme.
  7. Applicants who have accumulated less than 55 ECTS credits per academic year can be taken into consideration for special reasons if the resources of the educational department allow the admission of a new student to the degree programme.
  8. In the field of Health and Social Care the applicants are asked about health factors that might hinder the studies.
  9. The applicant must fulfill all above mentioned criteria and deliver related documents by the given deadline.
Application Procedure

Applicants must fill in the online application which can be found on this website during the application period. The application must be accompanied by an up-to-date transcript of records stamped and signed by the higher education institution and separate certificates of the study attainments that are not recorded in the study register. The application must also include a study certificate stating the number of terms the applicant has enrolled as present and absent and a possible separate account of the reasons for applying for a transfer.

Transfer students are selected twice a year. Applicants can apply to all degree programmes in the spring selection. The application period for spring 2018 was from 2nd May to 16th May. The application period ends in the last application day at 3 p.m. when the application together with the appendices must be uploaded to the online database. The applicants will be informed in writing of the results of the student selection by 30th June. Additional application period will not be arranged.

Applicants can complete their application until the end of the application period by contacting Student Services (see contact information below). The student selection will be made based on the confirmed documents available in the end of the application period. 

The application period for autumn 2018

The application period for autumn 2018 is from 1st November to 15th November.

Transfer Student Selection and Appeal

After the decision concerning transfer student selection has been made, Student Services will inform the applicants of the decision. The selection is conditional until the applicant has delivered a certificate of resignation from his/her previous higher education institution to Student Services. The applicant will be informed in the letter of admission of the dates when the confirmation of acceptance of the study place and the certificate of resignation must be submitted.

If the applicant is not satisfied with the transfer student selection, he/she can apply in writing to the Board of Oulu University of Applied Sciences for a rectification within 14 days of the publication of the results of student selection. (Act 257/2015).

Right to study

Transfer students must complete their degrees in accordance with the degree programme to which they have received study right during the transfer. The time student has been present or absent during the studies on which the transfer is based will also be calculated in the degree completion time.

If you apply for a transfer to Degree Programme in Business Information Technology, please note that you have to get your degree finished no later than 31st December 2019.

Transfer from one degree programme to another inside Oulu UAS without changing the degree title

If a student applying for transfer within Oulu UAS so that the degree title remains unchanged, the process is referred to as changing the degree programme instead of transfer. The application and selection proceedings of the transfer student selection are applied also to these applicants.

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