Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business, full-time studies

Taulukko: Tutkinto-ohjelman kuvaus
Name of the Qualification Bachelor of Business Administration
Degree Title Bachelor of Business Administration
Scope of Degree 210 ECTS cr / 3,5 years
Name of the Degree Programme Degree Programme in International Business
Number of Starting Places 50
Implementation of Studies Lectures and discussions, group works, presentations, projects and case studies related to practical business operations. Partly e-learning arrangements. Many of the courses can also include a visiting lecturer from foreign partner universities. The close co-operation with working life makes it possible for students to put the theory they have learned during lectures into practice. Studies include a possibility for student exchange period abroad, and practical training either in Finland or abroad.
Campus Linnanmaan campus, Yliopistokatu 9 FI-90570
Application Period January 5-19 2022

International UAS Exam

SAT test-based selection

Certificate-based selection

February 7-11 2022 part 1, February 28-March 11 part 2

April 8 2022

May 19 2022






Selection Criteria

Application 5-19  January 2022

There are three different selection methods used in the student selection for the degree programme in International Business in 2022 admission.

Studyinfo database will automatically place applicants into selection methods available for them based on the information given in the online application. This means that applicants are not able to choose  the selection methods they wish to be taken into consideration in by themselves. 


International University of Applied Sciences Exam: 30 study places


The entrance examination assesses the applicants’ abilities to study in universities of applied sciences. The entrance examination does not contain any pre-reading materials or pre-tasks.

The entrance examination consists of two phases:

First phase – written exam:

All applicants are invited to the first phase. The contents and duration of the first phase are determined by the study programmes the applicant has applied for. The applicant performs all sections of the entrance examination of the selected study programmes during a single session. The written exam of the first phase contains common tasks for all applicants and specific tasks of individual study programmes.

Common tasks for all study fields:

• Decision-making skills

• Language of tuition (English)

In addition to common sections of all study fields, the entrance examination contains the following study field specific sections:

• Mathematical skills (all fields except Arts and Humanities, Education)

• Mathematical and scientific skills (all technical fields)

• Ethical skills (in Social Services, Health Care, Sports, Beauty Care and Arts and Humanities, Education

• Finnish language skills (in some Social Services and Health Care programmes, level B1)

In the Mathematical and scientific skills section the applicant may use a function calculator of the entrance examination system. Each section has a minimum accepted score that the applicant has to achieve in order to have the written exam approved.


Second phase – group interview (oral exam):

All eligible applicants who have passed the written exam will be invited to the second phase. The second phase is common to all study fields and the applicant participates in only one group interview. The applicants are invited to the interview groups by study fields. The applicant will be invited to the interview group of the study programme which is highest on his or her list of preferences where the written exam is passed. Oral English language skills are emphasized in the group interview.

The final student selection is based on the total number of points of the written exam (60%) and the group interview (40%).

More information about the International UAS Exam is available at the national website UASinfo.


SAT test: 10 study places



1. Evidence-based reading and writing (required minimum score 400)

Reading test
Writing and language test

2. Math (required minimum score 400)

Only the new version of SAT test (completed after March 2016) is accepted. SAT score report must be ordered straight from the test organiser and to be delivered directly to universities of applied sciences. Reports printed and sent by applicants themselves are not taken into consideration. The SAT test selection only takes into account the sections performed during the single session. The SAT code for Oulu University of Applied Sciences is 7533.

SAT results must be at the Admission Services on April 4 2022 at latest.


Certificate-based selection for Finnish upper secondary school, IB, EB and RP/DIA diplomas and international IB and EB diplomas : 10 study places


Applicants should have received min. 124 points total from the upper secondary school diploma.


The scoring models of certificate-based selection are maintained and updated on the national website UASinfo



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