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Tuition fees and scholarships for Master's degrees

For Finnish and EU/EEA citizens there are no tuition fees when participating in the programme. Also international applicants with the Finnish residence permit A or P are exempt from the tuition fee.

For non-EU students, the tuition fee is 10,000 € for one academic year and 5000 € for each additional semester to complete the program. Please note that a supplemental scholarship is provided by Oamk to tuition-paying students who accomplish the studies within the set target time (1 year/60 credits, 1,5 year/90 credits). The scholarship is 2500 € for one academic year and 1250 € for one semester. The scholarship is applied and awarded retrospectively.

From the spring 2020 onward, all new selected students, who confirm their study place and enroll present for the upcoming academic within the 7 days from receiving the study place are awarded early bird discount of 500€. This means that the tuition fee for the Master's degrees for first academic year is 9500€. 

In addition Oamk encourages its students to learn Finnish language as a step to integrating and finding their own place in Finnish society. Therefore from the spring 2020 onward, students who take and pass the Finnish National Certificate of Language Proficiency in Finnish language are awarded with extra stipend. More information available from the student services.