Separate Right to Study at Oamk

Is your Bachelor’s degree yet unfinished? You can apply for a separate right to study at Oulu UAS. Please get acquainted with our admissions criteria.

The separate right to study only concerns studies leading into a degree started in Finland. The purpose of a separate right to study is that those who have suspended their studies can apply for a right to complete their remaining studies leading to a degree without having to participate in the normal student selection. If you are a non-EU/EEA citizen applying for a separate right to study, please read more about our tuition fees.

Admission Criteria

The admission criteria concerning the separate right to study are as follows:

1. The applicant will continue studying in the same or corresponding degree programme where he or she has previously began his or her studies for a degree in Finland. As a distinction from a student seeking transfer, the applicant does not hold a valid right to complete a degree in the degree programme he or she is applying for.

2. The applicant has lost his or her right to study for one of the following reasons:

- They have resigned from the degree programme or

- Their time of study has run out or

- They have been registered as resigned due to having neglected enrolment and his or her right to study has ended.

3. At the time of applying the applicant’s Bachelor's degree can lack at most 60 ECTS credits. There is no limit for credits in Master's degree programmes. Studies completed at an Open University of Applied Sciences will also be taken into account. The applicant’s previous studies can also have been completed at another University of Applied Sciences.

4. The applicant passes a possible interview or entrance examination.

5. The resources of the educational department enable a student’s admission into the degree programme or the option.

Applying and the Processing Fee

The separate right to study must be applied by filling the online application during the application period. All documents (an up-to-date transcript of records, a certificate of the time of resignation, a study plan and a timetable for the completion of the studies together with the receipt of the handling fee) must be uploaded to the online application database by the end of the application period. N. B. Applicants who have already studied at Oulu UAS do not have to deliver transcript of records nor certificate of the time of resignation.

The application period for studies starting in the autumn is from 1st to 15th May (or the next working day). A possible additional application period for studies starting in the autumn is from 1st August to 7th August (or the next working day). Application period for studies starting in the spring is from 1st November to 15th November (or the next working day).

The application period in spring 2020

The application period in spring 2020 is from 4th May to 18th May. The application period ends in the last application day at 3 p.m. The right to study can be applied from the beginning of the next semester. For more information please contact us before leaving an application (see contact information below).

A fee of 50 euros will be charged for processing the application for the separate right to study (Decree 1461/2015 § 3). A receipt of the payment must be enclosed with the application and other documents.

Payment Information
Payee: Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu
Name of the bank: Osuuspankki
Account number (IBAN): FI32 5741 4020 0600 54
Message: Oamk 10208

It is of utmost importance to fill in the message field in order for the payment to be directed correctly.

Student Selection and Appeal

Once the decisions about the student selection are made, Student Services will inform the applicant in writing as follows:

- Application period in Spring: by 30th June.

- Additional Application period: by 31st August.

- Application period in Autumn: by 15th December.

The study place must be accepted within two weeks from the acceptance.

If the applicant is dissatisfied, he or she can submit a written rectification request to the rector of UAS concerning the decision on student admission within 14 days of the publication of the results of student selection. When the results are announced, it must be declared how the applicant can gain information about how the grounds for the selection were applied to him or her, and how he or she can demand a rectification to the outcome of the selection (Act 257/2015).

Time of Study

The right to study is granted from the beginning of the next semester for up to three semesters. According to the Act 325/2015 a student who has been granted a separate right to study must enrol as a present student.

Separate Right to Study at the School of Vocational Teacher Education

You can also apply for a separate right to study at the School of Vocational Teacher Education.