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Open University of Applied Sciences

At the Open University of Applied Sciences you can carry out university of applied sciences studies in different fields, regardless of your basic education and ageThe courses at the Open University of Applied Sciences and their performance requirements are the same as in education leading to a degree. This means that you can propose your studies for accrediting if you later study in one of our degree programmes.

You cannot obtain a degree through the Open University of Applied Sciences. The studies are subject to a fee, and you can apply for them all year round taking the enrollment times into consideration.

Current topics

Available education

Open UAS students in Oulu University of Applied Sciences usually study within the existing degree student groups. Below you will find a list of the courses that have places reserved for Open University students. It is also possible to take other courses listed in the curricula, provided there’s room in the degree groups. Contact the campuses that provide the studies for information on available places.

You can enroll for the courses through the registration system during the enrollment period. The Open UAS Contact Person in charge of the course/studies will contact you and verify your study place. 

Below you can find the list of available courses and study paths. 

Registration and Fees

You can enroll on the courses through the registration system. Note that your enrolment isn’t valid until the Open UAS contact person verifies it through email. The price of one credit is 15 euros. Alternatively, you can study an unlimited number of credits with an annual fee of 300 euros during one academic year (1st August to 31st July). Paid study fees will not be refunded. If you wish to cancel your enrollment, you may do so during the enrollment period. Contact the Open UAS contact person.

As a student of the Open UAS you have the right to take courses that have been decided by the school, to receive study guidance, and to receive a student ID which authorizes access to the electronic student services of the University of Applied Sciences.

Oulu University of Applied Sciences offers laid-off and unemployed people the opportunity to study Open University Studies free of charge in the autumn semester 2020. The free fee also applies to study modules and path studies beginning in the autumn.

Prove your eligibility for free of charge studies when you enroll. Attach a certificate of unemployment or laid-off at the end of the “Personal information” page of the registration system under “Additional files”. The appendix must be attached to the registration system before the beginning of your studies.”

  • You can request a certificate via the e-services (Oma asiointi) on the TE Services website.
  • You can prove the laid-off with a laid-off notice provided by the employer.

Selection of Students with Open University of Applied Sciences Studies as a Degree Student

Students who have completed Open University of Applied Sciences studies can apply for Degree student status on the basis of their studies without participating in the normal student selection. Please note, that the studies must have been completed in a Finnish University of Applied Sciences.

When applying for Degree studies, the students must have completed

  • at least 55 ECTS credits of Open UAS studies for Bachelor's degree programmes
  • at least 25 ECTS credits of Open UAS studies for Master's degree programmes (scope 90 ECTS)
  • at least 20 ECTS credits of Open UAS studies for Master's degree programmes (scope 60 ECTS)

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